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The content is the first 20 minutes, after that it’s Q&A and filling out our charts!

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Welcome to Your Business Your Flow


A membership community designed to optimize your productivity, maximize your freedom and get your business in sync with your body and flow!


Does this sound familiar?

“I’m supposed to write copy today. I HAVE to write copy today and of course I got my period. I’m having a hard time making toast and I’m supposed to write sparkling copy… yeah that’s gonna happen. I just want to relax with my hot water bottle, Netflix, and all of the chocolate. All of it. Oh wouldn’t a nice hot bath be delightful? It would.”

Or maybe this…

“I don’t have time to do everything! I want my business to grow, I want to launch, write a book, start a podcast, all sorts of things… AND I want to be consistent. I make plans, but I can’t seem to stick with them. After a week, maybe two, I lose steam and just can’t keep up. Then I want to toss out the whole thing and run away to an island! Since I can’t afford my own island and I really do want to make the world a better place, I start all over again the next month.”


Then Welcome to…


This program is totally unique


Each day will be an opportunity to practice these 4 Gateways.

They are ESSENTIAL to having a business that grows with ease.


You have to WANT to let go of that masculine ‘busy busy busy’ badge of honor and replace it with, “Living The DREAM!”



I am dedicated to spending my life helping women see our cycles as a POWERFUL ally!

You’ll be creating a life and a business that FLOWS. By using these tools you will be able to get so much more done you’ll think you’ve hired an assistant!


What you get:

Charting to Clarity

This is where you’ll start. Four short, easy, videos showing you how to chart, so you can see your flow, your energy, your patterns. You need this data to make a plan and I’ll guide you through creating yours.

Of course this comes with my Charting Mandala. Designed by the creative Chantelle Valarie this fan will help you connect deeply to your cycle, the moon cycle, and see how everything from food to lifestyle can impact you. It’s an amazing, one of a kind, secret weapon that EVERY woman needs!

Business Flow System

  • Using my Quarterly Planner, we will have a planning party each quarter. You’ll have a chance to map out down to the week, THIS is how we grow your business!
  • Using this approach you’re able to replicate my system over and over again with each of your business funnels.

Sensual System

  • Diving into our 6 senses we will learn how to balance our hormones and our lives in each phase of our cycle.
    • Taste – recipes for each phase full of supportive healthy foods
    • Smell – recommended essential oils
    • Touch – movement, or self-care that helps bring balance to your hormones
    • Sight – what visual delights are good for balancing hormones and what’s not. Including sleep techniques to help regulate your cycle
    • Sound – auditory suggestions, including meditation
    • Spirit – learn my Qi Gong and Tai Chi practices for balance in each phase!

This fits seamlessly into your lifestyle:

  • Maximize relationships including employee, team, personal, and romantic relationships​
  • Radical acts of self-care that will benefit you AND your business
  • Live LIFE!

Quarterly Planner

You’ll be getting a copy of my Quarterly Planner. We’ll be filling this out each quarter together, this is going to be how your business GROWS IN FLOW!

The group will be here to support you, answer questions, give you inspiration, and keep you on track.

  • This program will include both recorded content and live (via Zoom)
  • Live Q&A circles.
  • The times will be evenings for the US and mornings for AUS, when we have a group inbetween we’ll add those in too!
  • We will have a private Facebook group, of course for questions and connection as well as accountability and consistency.


Are you ready to flow?



Question: Will I be supported?

Answer: YES! Between the live calls and the Facebook group the only way you won’t be supported is if you don’t show up. Simply be present and you’ll be supported!


Question: What if I don’t have a regular period, how can I plan if I can’t predict?

Answer: Oh girl! Most women are irregular and there’s two reasons this isn’t a bad thing. One, by creating flow in your life and charting you’ll become more predictable and you’ll see the rhythm created and learn to USE it.

Two, this is all about mastering what works for YOU. I’ll show you tips and tricks for adapting on the fly because in any business you have to be able to FLOW.

Question: I can’t just take a week off every month when I get my period I have WAY too much to do! (insert anxiety attack here)

Answer: And if you did that you would miss one of the most powerful times for your business each month! It’s not about taking time off, it’s about using that time CORRECTLY for your business. (Which could be taking the day off, I take 3!)

Question: When will the calls be?

Answer: I’ll be putting up a poll in our Facebook group and we’ll see where everyone is. Currently we’re USA and AUS so US evening, and AUS mornings. Hopefully we’ll find a time that works for everyone!

Question: How long is the refund period?

Answer: You have 7 days to decide it isn’t for you if you join with the yearly membership. Monthly you can simply opt out of next month! Easy Peasy!


*If you work with menstruating clients*

  • This program could be a tax write off for you. Of course check with your local tax laws
  • No matter what your focus is, health, business, intuition, when you’re working with women the insight this course will provide will make you a better coach and your clients will have more success… which is what makes you a better coach!
  • Knowing where your client is in her cycle makes it easier for you to design her session. Giving her appropriate ‘homework’ for HER.
  • This won’t just help you, this program will help your clients and that’s what we’re all about!