Your Business, Your Flow

Are you ready to leave burn out behind?

Do you want to take your business to the next level, easily?

Are you ready to plan with FLOW?

Welcome to Your Business Your Flow

You have a built in system that you’re either working with or working against.

Start running your business like the FEMprenuer you know you can be.

So much of the business world is based on men. But YOU ARE A WOMAN.

What 99% of business programs don’t understand is your hormones shift the way your brain works.

Think back to a time you were sitting at a blank screen frustrated, or sitting with a client struggling to focus. That’s what it’s like when you’re not planning with flow.




Never lose time to fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, overwhelm, burn-out, or stress again.

It’s not a matter of willpower, and you’re not alone!  

  • Do you know when you’re most effective at which tasks?
  • Do you feel like you fall behind or have ‘lost weeks’?
  • Do you struggle with your self-confidence, imposter syndrome, or feeling like a fraud?
  • Does the idea of taking a feminine approach to business sound like coming home?



“Wow. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with Stasha and understand the huge impact that my cycle has on my business, productivity, emotions, and more. Not only that, but I feel better-equipped to plan my business around this and make the most of my strengths at each point of the cycle. Thank you Stasha for a comprehensive and practical program. I think you should be mandatory viewing for every teenage girl! I spend a lot of time saying “Why aren’t we TOLD THIS?!?” Haha. If you’re thinking about joining YBYF, I highly recommend it. Highly.”        -Tash Corbin

This program is totally unique and tailored to you.

You will have a 1:1 session with me. We’ll get specific about your business and your hormones, this will take about 90 minutes. You’ll be able to customize all the information in the program to you and your needs.

We have two systems that we’ll work through together.

The First: Business Flow

  • We select one Sales Funnel style project you want to focus on for the final quarter of 2017.
  • Using my Quarterly Planner, you’ll plan for the last quarter of the year and have the whole program to perfect planning with flow.
  • Using this approach you will be replicate how my system works over and over again with each of your business funnels.


This fits seamlessly into your lifestyle:

  • Maximize relationships including employee, personal, and romantic relationships​

  • Access your power and confidence

  • Radical acts of self care that will benefit you AND your business

  • Enjoy LIFE!

The Second: Sensual System

  • Diving into our 6 senses we will learn how to balance our hormones and our lives in each phase of our cycle. 
    • Taste – recipes in each phase full of supportive foods
    • Smell – recommended essential oils
    • Touch – movement, or self-care that helps bring balance to your hormones
    • Sight – what visual delights are good for balancing hormones and what’s not. Including sleeping patterns to help regulate your cycle
    • Sound – auditory suggestions, including meditation
    • Spirit – learn my Qi Gong and Tai Chi practices for balance in each phase!


10914876_10153067908714446_6938816075798730204_o“Before YBYF I thought something was wrong with me, why did I have amazing energy one week and then seem to crash the next to feel crazy to then bleeding and anti social…? She showed me the beauty it is to be woman within my cycle, shed light of that mystery, and my greatest nemesis is now my friend.”                 -Christina Guillen



What You Get:

  • This program will include both recorded content and live (on Zoom)
  • Live Q&A circles.
  • The times will be evenings for the US and mornings for AUS.
  • We will have a private Facebook group, of course for anytime questions and connection.

Are you ready to flow!?

YES, I need to Join NOW!


What if…

  • Your body was a powerful ally?

  • You could trust yourself?

  • You never worried about your mood affecting your income…or your spending?

  • You could create a beautiful daily routine that feels luxurious?

  • You were able to make a bigger impact on the world with your business…without adding more work?

  • You could remove the tension of self-judgement…and relax into self-care?

  • You had a clear PLAN that was easy to follow every day?


Let’s DO THIS!

Regular Price: $797 or $222 a month for 4 months.

About your hostess Stasha Washburn

Hi, I’m Stasha, also known as The Period Coach.

My focus is not only helping you fall in LOVE with your period, but also running your business!

My story is one of healing my painful, moody, exhausting periods. I had to heal my period problems while starting a business. As a certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, I learned to run my hormone balance coaching business everyday with my menstrual cycle in mind.

Fortunately for you my struggle taught me SO much!


I am dedicated to spending my life helping women see our cycles as a POWERFUL ally, no longer secret weapon!

Let’s hear from a Graduate from Your Business Your Flow

Let’s break it down!


This is what you get as part of the program:


A One on One call with me.

We will spend at least 60 minutes talking through your Hormonal Assessment, your Road Map to Balance, and your Business in Balance. We’ll dive into any nook and cranny we need to.

You’ll have a clear view of how to personalize this program to you and your needs.



You’ll be getting a copy of my Quarterly Planner. This is going to come in handy as we’ll have over 90 days together!

Our first live call with be filling this in. I’ll be there every step of the way through the quarter to keep you IN FLOW.





You get my charting course for free. This course is four short video’s so you can SEE your flow, your energy, your patterns. You need this data to make a plan and I’ll guide you through creating yours.


To chart you’re going to need Enter The Red Circle our Charing Mandala.

Designed by the beautiful and creative Chantelle Valarie this fan will help you connect deeply to your cycle, the moon cycle, and SEE how everything from food to lifestyle can impact you. It’s an amazing, one of a kind, tool that EVERY businesswoman needs!



Our LIVE Sister Circles. Join from anywhere and Connect.

Live trainings and Q&A’s make this a fully supportive environment. Not a talk at you format, a conversation with women from around the globe.




Early Bird Price: $597 or $133 a month for 5 months


Full Price: $797 or $222 a month for 4 months


You can get started when you join! The Charting course will be available to you immediately, and we will schedule our 1:1 call as soon as possible.

Our first live call will be September 29th here (October 1st for those of you in the future like Australia)



Bethanne makes chocolate. But not just any chocolate. Her’s is infused with herbs to help women balance their hormones WHILE eating chocolate! She’s going to talk to us about all things CHOCOLATE!`



Let’s get out plan on! Tash is a Australian based expert at running a successful business from the feminine perspective. A business coach, who’s refuses to use the #sausagesales techniques and a graduate of YBYF, you’ll gain clarity and tools for planning your business.





Meg is a massage therapist and uses essential oils in her business. There’s a few things you need to know before buying and she will be sharing the essentials about essential oils.

Trudi, of Sparkle Squad fame is going to drop some serious nerd knowledge on us! She dives into the brain, how it 
works and how to use this to up our productivity and create goals. It’s a magical conversation. I can’t wait to hang out with her in Australia!



Let’s look at the week by week plan:


Week 1: We’ll be walking through the Quarterly Planner together.

Week 2:  We will explore our luteal phase, aka PMS week! We will learn what’s going on here, and how to use all of our senses to ease symptoms. Touch, Taste, Sight, Sound, Smell, and Spirit as well as the Sacred Elements of this time.

Week 3: The business of the Luteal Phase. What’s good to do or not to do during this phase!

Week 4: Q&A

Week 5: The menstrual phase, aka our period. We’ll talk about the 6 senses that connect us to our inner magic and how the Water element is our guide.

Week 6: *Hint* this is the most powerful week for your business! I’ll show you why and how, then you’ll DO!

Week 7: Q&A

Week 8:  Follicular Phase. You know, when you start to get your energy back post period? That’s this phase. Spring and Wood element focus, plus how to use your senses to lift this time!

Week 9: How do we harness this rising energy and keep from starting a million projects that never get finished manic mode? I’ll show you during this week.

Week 10: Q&A Week

Week 11: Ovulation! This phase has a short life, and I’ll show you how to make the most of it! This is the Summer of the menstrual cycle, and Fire is our guide for this phase.

Week 12: This is SUCH an under-utilized part of our cycle for business. Let’s making it the crowning glory it CAN BE!

Week 13: CELEBRATION WEEK! Closing the Circle.


You’ll be creating a life and a business that FLOWS. By using these tools you will be able to get so much more done you’ll think you’ve hired an assistant!

You will be able to do this every quarter, this isn’t a program you use once and set aside.  You can go back each quarter, print out a new planner and pop on Week 1: Quarterly Planning class. Create your next quarter fully in flow, over and over again.






Question: Will I be supported through the program?

Answer: YES! Big time. Not only will you and I have a one on one call, the maximum amount of women in YBYF is 20. You’ll also have the support of Alumi in the group. Past graduates are invited to do another round and there have been sign ups already. So you’ll not only have my support and our live calls, but you’ll also have these amazing women who’ve done it before there!


Question: Do I have to be a business owner?

Answer: No you don’t. How does this work when you don’t have control over your schedule? It starts with you. Become the voice in your office. Talk with the women there about what you’re learning in this program, foster collaboration. Be the leader that empowers other women. End the taboo, not only for yourself but for the other women in your office! You can apply what we’ll be learning to yourself at home, your social life, your relationships, your health, your food, your self-care, your work out… everything!


Question: Will the calls be recorded or live?

Answer: Both. Some will be recorded and some will be live. All of the Q&A calls, the planning calls, our 1:1 call and some of the content calls will be live.


Question: Will I have lifetime access to the program?

Answer: Yes, for as long as it exists. 


Question: When will the calls be?

Answer: I’ll be putting up a poll in our Facebook group and we’ll see where everyone is. We often have women from all over the world so the calls will most likely be rotating so everyone has a chance of being awake. Hopefully we’ll find a time that works for everyone!


Question: How long is the refund period?

Answer: 30 days from when the program starts, not today. You’ll have a solid chance to dive into the program. It’s never happened, but it’s an option that’s there for you.


*If you work with FEMALE clients*

  • This program could be a tax write off for you. Of course check with your local tax laws
  • No matter what your focus is, health, business, intuition, when you’re working with women the insight this course will provide will make you a better coach and your clients will have more success… which is what makes you a better coach!
  • Knowing where your client is in her cycle makes it easier for you to design her session. Giving her appropriate ‘homework’ for HER.
  • This won’t just help you, this program will help your clients and that’s what we’re all about!