This is from what feels like ages ago, even tho it was really just the beginning of this month. So May 1st I landed in Perth, after almost a month bouncing around Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Chantelle, bless her, picked me up and we road tripped from Perth to Denmark (the town 😉) where I’ve decided I will one day have a summer house. Tamala Ridge and I hosted a workshop, she put us both up for the week and showed us all around. It was seriously one of the hardest places for me to leave.

We had a 3 hour workshop that could have gone all night. It was really connecting, informative, a TON of ah-has, and great feedback from the women who joined us.

Chantelle and I had our books and magnets to the workshop and just about sold out!

To say it was a fun and powerful afternoon is

a huge understatement.

I’ve had a few moments in my life that I felt really proud of myself.

I did this.

I made it to the edge of the world, on the complete other side of the planet.

By myself, no trust fund, no partner with money, no partner, I did it with the connections I’d made, the leaps of blind faith I took, the kindness I received, knowing I didn’t have enough money to do this – I did it anyway!

Don’t let any bullshit stop you.

It’s all a story,

you can write it anyway you want.

I made it to a Red Tent in Australia, out in the bush. I feel like I levelled up.

Road tripping back to Perth we stopped at the Tree Top Walk. This is a path that goes thru a Tingle Tree.

It was a wonderful few days and I feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy so much of the natural beauty of this country in the short (but very busy) time that I’ve been here.