Also, I love steaming, boiling, soup making… This is just one of many ways to cook, and I’d like to show you the healthiest way to do it! These are easy changes anyone can make!

– and a very real picture of me cooking!




Here’s my go to list:

Coconut Oil – I love this for many reasons, but the biggest is it’s the only non-animal form of fat or oil that is good to cook with. It has a very high smoke temp which means it can be used for anything including frying! This is my go to, especially on days that I’ve had animal products already or just need a few vegan days to clean out the system.

Ghee – This is made from butter. It’s also known as Clarified Butter, because all of the milk solids, lactose, and impurities have been cooked out. You get all that buttery richness with none of the gunk! I know when you see it in the store it’s silly expensive. But keep in mind you need a fraction of what you would use in butter. It also has a high smoke point Why Ghee? As will all animal products you must get grass-fed organic. I make my own from Kerrygold butter. It’s really easy, check it out, Glorious Golden Ghee.

Duck Fat – This is what I use, I love duck. So I make one and render the fat. Basically doing the exact same thing as making ghee. Cooking it til the water is gone and the solids are browned. Strain and jar! Easy Peasy. You could also use Lard, or Bacon Fat. I’m not a huge pork eater. Hence, Duck. Animal fat has a really high smoke point as well.

What’s up with the smoke point? 
It’s the point that the oil starts to burn. When something burns it’s become carcinogenic. So instead of being a healthy fat it’s an inflammation causing fat.

These three jars sit on my stove top. They need no refrigeration. I try to rotate so I’m not using the same thing all day everyday. Variety is key to a healthy life.

So why do I cook with fat? My top 4 reasons:

  1.  Vanity: eating good fats makes my hair shiny, my skin smooth, my eyes bright…
  2. Hormones: You need good healthy fats to have good healthy hormones, and to sweep excess hormones from your body!
  3. Detoxing: I’m very aware of cancer risk. Fat is part of our bodies detox toolkit. Imagine a drop of fat is an empty jar, as it passes through the gut your body dumps toxins into it. If there is no fat, there is no safe place to dump the toxins. They can’t be released into your bloodstream, so they stay in your fat cells. Which brings me to…
  4. Brain health. Our brains are made mostly of fat. We need healthy fat for a healthy brain. After my concussions I noticed an increased craving for junk food. I realized that was actually a fat craving! So I loaded up on things like avocados and cooked as many meals as I could with these fats, until the cravings subsided.

Why don’t I cook with Veggie Oils?
Mostly because they aren’t good for you. Aside from good quality Olive Oil, or a few others like Walnut or Avocado, veggie oils just aren’t good for you. Plus they all have very low smoke points. Veggie oils are often rancid before the hit the shelf, and they are high in Omega 6s which are inflammatory. Just to put why this is bad in perspective: Waaaaaayyyyyyy back in the day we ate a ratio of 1:1 – 2:1 Omega 3s to 6s. Now we average 1:20! That’s a HUGE difference! 

What else can I do to help balance my body with fat?
Fermented Cod Liver Oil – read this article I wrote, you’ll see how easy it is!