How Period Coaching Strategies lead to Business Growth 

What a journey so far! There has been SO much happening today including the red carpet event and unexpectedly manifesting a real-life house!!! At this point, the Kickstarter was 29% funded, and summit sign-ups were still coming in.

So we got to SF with plenty of time on the 13th for the live summit call.

Now comes the heavy lifting.

On the 14th Day 16, we drove from SF to San Diego. We started unloading our storage unit and loading the moving truck. Of course, we treated ourselves to some Lucha Libre tacos. One of my favorite taco joints in SD.

I was fueled by excitement at this point. I woke up early on the 15th and started loading the truck. A few hours later the guys we hired to help showed up and I sat down. I was wiped out. Just as they were finishing my good friends Kevin and Sarah (you should check her IG out @boltysbazaar) arrived to send us off. It was SO good to get a hug and have a few moments of peace and coffee with them before we took off.

Our good friends, Kevin and Sarah, sending us off.

We had a very long drive from SD to our new home in NM. 800 miles (1,300 km) that’s 12.5 hours without stops, in a car. In a big moving truck towing our Honda Element, well that added a few more hours.

Period Coach Stasha and Chris pictured with the moving truck hauling their honda element.

Which turned out to be even MORE MAGICAL!

May 15th 2022 was the night of a Super Blood Moon Eclipse. FOR REAL.

It was right in front of us for our drive. We got to watch the whole eclipse from the truck while we were driving to our new home. I mean, you can’t make this up! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

We had stopped for gas at a Costco and while we were there I got one of those Casper bed-in-a-box mattresses. We got in at 2:30 am and I wasn’t sure if that bed would work so we got that out of the box and blew up the big queen air mattress as well. In the end, we put the Casper mattress on top of the air mattress and it worked really well. Especially because getting a bed frame turned out to be a three-month-long misadventure. But that’s a different story.

On the 16th we woke up 5 hours later and unpacked the truck. We were both surprised at how quickly we got it done. We ate outside on the back porch and I moved as much of the kitchen in as possible. We took the truck back and it felt like the hard part was over. 

After finally getting a good night’s sleep we unpacked more, of course. It was time to start opening boxes. Mine had been in storage at this point for something like 6 years. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning for the whole week unpacking. It was all my favorite thing! I did have 2 Application Calls which went really well. We went into town for groceries and those kitchen appliances like a toaster oven/air fryer and electric kettle, and chairs!

The only furniture I had was my hutch, a big reclaimed redwood farmhouse kitchen table, a desk I’d found in an alley in LA, and an antique wood office chair. None of these was comfortable to sit in. We had no chairs, couches, coffee tables, nothing. So priority one was getting a couple of chairs! I ended up getting two papasan chairs from Costco, that everyone loves sitting in when they visit.

We enjoyed every meal outside on our porch enjoying the new sounds, and watching the birds, and the bunnies, it was magical.

The 18th was exciting! I worked, and I had client and Flow Freedom calls. One of the Application Calls from the day before backed the Kickstarter at the Period Coaching School student level! So exciting to add $2,000 to the Kickstarter and have a new student for the year all at once!

I also started unpacking my clothes that had been in storage this whole time. It was a DREAM! I missed my clothes. Remember I’ve been living out of two suitcases for years! I knew a good portion of these clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore, but it was so fun to pull them out and all the memories that came with them.

On the 19th Mitle was our Guest Teacher for Period Coaching School. It was such a lovely class. I worked a bit and then we drove down our mountain and up the one across the highway. It was great to start exploring the area a little. We were only here for a day looking at houses so we know nothing. The other mountain has a super cute little town center with a couple of restaurants, brewery, grocery store, thrift stores, ice cream shops, and even a dispensary! 

Today, the 20th, the Kickstarter is fully funded!

AND the last Period Coaching Summit live call! It’s Day 23 and I’m starting to fade, and I’m SO sore. My elbow has been aching for days, I suspect tendonitis but it’s not like I can stop using my arm right now! I took a long hot bath and we exchanged massages. I didn’t have it in me to do much unpacking but we did hang curtains and place our art. Which again, magic to see these beautiful pieces and the stories that come along with them. 

The Kickstar 107% funded as updated by Period Coach Stasha. Period Coaching oracle deck has been a success.

21st, Day 24, Saturday, rested. Thankfully by now, there’s food in the fridge, the essentials are unpacked and the house is livable. We both needed a day to just rest. Still, there was excitement when the Kickstarter went over $8k!

On Sunday we kept resting. I could feel the shift from moving sore to endometriosis inflammation.

Monday 23rd, Day 26, I worked from bed. Did as little as I could get away with.

On the morning of the 24th, we had one Certification Presentation for Period Coaching School. She knocked it out of the park! But shortly after I got my period and spent the rest of the day in bed asleep or gazing out the window. I tried going outside a bit but it was too cold for me.

The 25th felt good for Day 2, I had a few calls and a ‘hey can I jump on an Application Call with you right now’ request, so that was good! I had a surprising lack of brain fog so I said yes. And that may have been a bit more than I should have done, afterwards, I crashed. 

The next day I had a couple of calls, and we packed to head out on our 2-day drive to Indianapolis. It’s about 1,270 miles (20,43km) so a solid 20 hours of drive time. We needed to bring back a bunch of stuff and Nugget, my cat, so we packed as lightly as we could.

On the 27th we headed out. Day 4 so I was tired, and this drive is super boring. It’s just a lot of flat, fortunately, it was blue skies. I tried to do some work in the car but even since my last concussion, I’m prone to getting motion sick. I think the combo of Day 4, being depleted from everything else, I just couldn’t do much before getting nauseous. 

We made it to the apartment at about noon. We started packing up the apt, went to cash in our free macaroon, and picked up my wine order, so all in all it was a good day! If you’re ever in Indianapolis I HIGHLY recommend going to Storied Company, tell them I sent you. Seriously. 

On the 29th we had to be totally ready for our return trip by the end of the day. So we packed. On day 6, still feeling tired so I had a nap and then edited the booklet for the Period Card Deck. We had dinner outside at Chris’s sister’s house with everyone which was lovely.

We woke up early on the 30th, picked up Nugget, and started driving back. Because we had the Nugster we couldn’t just sleep in the car, so we got a hotel in Oklahoma. 

Period Coach Stasha with the sleeping Nugget.

We made it back the next day, the 31st, the last day for the Kickstarter. Back to unpacking again! LOL! 

It was a joy to watch Nugget explore the house. She found the walk-in closet and basically decided that was her room. To this day when new people come, or thunder is too loud, she goes to that closet. She’s made herself a little nest in my basket of clothes, which ended up covered in cat hair. I put an old blanket over the basket so now she always has a safe cozy place to go.



That’s a Kickstarter wrap!

The Kickstarter is officially over! 83 backers, 165% funded, $11,615!

The Kickstarter 165% funded as updated by Stasha, the period coach.

Now I fully admit that by this time I was WIPED OUT. But I was also on the upswing energy-wise, which I was going to need because, in just two days, Chris’s daughter was coming to stay!

So we celebrate! I still can’t drink much more than a few sips, so we got a small bottle of bubbly and toasted to EVERYTHING.

The VERY successful Kickstarter campaign!

The successful Period Coaching Summit!

Our first HOUSE! Together!

Traveling to so many amazing places!

Incredible concert tickets!


We got a small bottle of champagne to celebrate.

How did I manage to grow business without burnout through In Flow launches? Simple. Period Coaching Strategies! 

So you see, all the IN FLOW preparation in the early parts of this blog series paid off. While we didn’t expect surprises like a concert in LA, buying a house in New Mexico, or MOVING in the middle of TWO LAUNCHES, we handled them without burning out. 

Nowhere in this series did you see anyone pull an all-nighter.

I never asked my team to pull crazy hours. In fact, Carrie was on vacation (yes I still paid her)! There were two times I asked Sarah to host a co-working call for the Period Coaching School students as I was in the car with no cell service. 

I was able to do all of this because I used my cycle to my advantage. My endometriosis fueled the cycle. So if I can do this with endo, you can do this!

I hope you found this inspiring. I hope you got ideas and insights on how you can do this too. If you’d like to dive in deeper and really understand how to do less please book a time here.

In January I worked an average of 24.75 hours per week.

In February I worked an average of 31 hours per week.

In March I worked an average of 25 hours per week.

In April I worked an average of 28.25 hours per week.

In May I worked an average of 27.25 hours per week.


I didn’t work the same amount of hours each week. Some weeks I worked more, others I worked less. There was a week in January I worked 44 hours and a week I worked 9 hours. There was a week in Feb I worked 51, and a week in March I worked 10 hours.

No month did I work full time. 160 hours – assuming 4 weeks at 40 hours a week – in a month.

Jan = 99 hours

Feb = 122 hours – close!

March = 100 hours

April = 113 hours

May = 108 hours.

The rest of the year is under 100 hours a month, the least being 55 hours. 



I’d love to show you how! 

You can book a call with me to get some hands on help with finding flow yourself. 


If you are feeling super inspired and you can see how this information would change everything for everyone you work with I’d love to invite you to join the Revolution! We need more Period Coaches in every single industry to help make long term change and shatter taboo. Are you with me?