Charting can show you more about your hormones than even blood work!

What the what?!

Yeah so I’ve got a little bit of disappointing news.

Often times the blood work our Dr does isn’t helpful for a few reasons.

  • They’ll tell you you’re “normal” but you KNOW something is wrong. Often that’s because you’re in the bottom half of ‘normal’ which is surviving not thriving.
  • They don’t do a full test. For example getting a cortisol test that only tests you once in the day doesn’t give you the full picture, it gives you 1/4 of the story. Another example: Getting your thyroid tested and they only test your TSH. That’s only one of MANY working parts to a healthy thyroid.
  • They test on the wrong day. Some hormones need to be tested on a specific day. Like Progesterone. Testing it on a different day in your cycle will give you no real insight at all.

So how does charting tell me anything?

Keeping track of your body and the changes it goes thru from day to day can tell you SO many things!

Let’s go back to the thyroid example.

Every single cell in your body has a receptor for Thyroid. (And Vit D) That’s it. There’s only two things every single part of your body needs to function and thyroid hormone is one of them.

It’s THAT important. 

So it would stand to reason if you’re feeling tired, foggy, sluggish, like you can’t lose weight no matter how strict and deprived you are… if your hair is thinning, your nails are breaking, your skin is lackluster… your seeing everything thru a fog, or thru a tunnel, or you’re sleeping ALL the time… You’d ask your Dr for help.

Well my Dr told me I was probably pregnant (despite being on birth control for years and not having had sex). When I finally convinced her, thru the test she made me take, that I wasn’t pregnant I had my thyroid tested. It wasn’t bad she said. I was sleeping 20 HOURS A DAY.

It was low, but not bad…

how can sleeping that much be ok!?!?!

So now I keep track of my thyroid thru Charting.

I take my Basal Body Temperature and I know when it’s getting low (for me that’s low 96’s) and that I need to readjust my diet. Easy peasy. 

This is just one example. 

What else does it do?

Your Basal Body temp also tells you when you’ve just ovulated. Your digestion tells you how your gut is doing. Your cervical fluid tells you where you are in your cycle, how your vaginal health is. 

Your menstrual blood can tell you SO much.

  • Spotting before your period? Low progesterone.
  • Clotting? To much estrogen.
  • Brown blood? Low progesterone.

Tracking all the things on your chart will show you millions of things going on in your body.

Seeing how your food affects your mood.

How the moon affects your energy.

You cervix moves thru your cycle, she’ll tell you when you’re fertile.

Have you tried charting?

If you have tell me how it’s going! What have you learned? Head to our Facebook group and post #chartingstories for us!

If you haven’t now is a great time to get started… I’ve got a free chart you can get started with. It’s a beautiful mandala and it’s such a nice way to learn about your own body. Click here: Enter the Red Circle

Here’s a picture of my actual chart from last year.