Vegan Gluten Free Whoopie Pies. Who knew such a thing could exist?

I’ve built this recipe around a few different ones so forgive me if there’s another out there like it. It’s a rather popular thing now a days to build desserts from unusual ingredients. This one is Black Beans!

I make quite a few of these when I cook it so you may want to down size the recipe for home. However this will make about 15 pies and I don’t know about you but I can’t eat just one…

The Cookies:

3 cups cooked black beans. I let mine cook a little longer so they are nice and mushy from the start
4 Tbs coconut oil
1 cup cacao powder. You can use regular old coco powder but real cacao will give these guys that dark chocolate swoon
4 Tbs ground flaxseed
3/4 c warm water
3 Tbs vanilla
1 cup maple syrup

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix the flaxseed with the warm water and set aside.

In food processor pulse the Beans and Coconut Oil a few times to get them started. Add the Cacao, mix this until the cacao is blended well into the beans. It shouldn’t look like beans anymore its should look like a really thick dough. You’ll have to stop it and mush the batter down a few times. That’s ok.

Leave the processor on and the flax seed. By now it should have the same consistency as egg whites. This should help the batter to start moving, then add the vanilla. This will get it moving even more. Now add the Maple Syrup slowly.

It’s going to be a very wet batter at this point.

drop a table spoon full of batter on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. After you fill the sheet and drop another half a spoon on top of each cookie gently. This is going to give them the dome look.

cook for about 30 minutes. Keep an eye on them and tooth picks handy. Some ways to tell when they are done. Very gently poke a cookies with your finger. If it feels like liquid under the crust they need more time. When they start to firm up your on the way. That’s the point I start toothpick testing. You want it to come out pretty clean. It won’t be perfectly clean like a cake but it won’t have a ton of batter on it either. Finally when you think it’s time try lifting one of the cookies. If it detaches easily you have a winner!

Some people have an instinct for baked goods. I don’t so I may be over sharing how I know when they are done but I know I would rather have to much info with a recipe than wondering what to look for and ruining a batch.

Coconut Whipped Cream:

Take a can of coconut milk the full fat kind. Place in fridge the night before or 8 hours before (I’ve been known to stick a can in the freezer for a few minutes but you can’t shake the can before it goes in so be very careful if you do this)

The idea is the separate the cream from the water. The fridge will do it for you.

Open the can and scoop the cream from off the top. Place in a high walled container. I’ve used pint glasses for this as well as the container that came with my stick blender. (immersion blender)

You only want the cream, when you hit water stop. It won’t fluff up nicely if there’s water in it.

Add a little honey, I add about 2 Tbs when I’m making it for normal people. For myself I add nothing!

Using an immersion blender with the whisk attachment whisk for 4-5 minutes. You’ll see the peaks start to form like with meringue. Stick this in the fridge until you’re ready to make your cookies.

(I use the leftover whipped cream in my tea or coffee the next day 😉


Take the cookies that don’t look as awesome (I know all your cookies look awesome it will be tough to choose!) and use them as your bottoms. Take a heaping spoonful of you’re whipped cream and dollop it on. Take a pretty cookie and place it on top!

You’ll probably need a spoon to eat these guys if you don’t want to get messy but I’ve always thought that’s half the fun!

                                     Eat with gusto WHOOPIE!!!!