A little bit about menstrual cups:

☕️ They are much cheaper in the long run (not really that long a few months) than pads/tampons.

🍷 Less toxins for the body to absorb than tampons

🍺 Don’t disrupt the delicate eco system that is our vagina

🍶 Are multiple different shapes, sizes, and materials


Personally I’m a cloth pad girl most of the time. But there are occasions when I need an internal way to collect my blood. Like getting full on naked at the Korean Spa.

For almost 20 years I had the same cup. The Keeper.  Created in the 80’s out of 100% natural rubber we ballerinas used them instead of tampons. Let’s be real, a string sticking out isn’t supposed to be part of the show. When your teacher is a Russian Ballet Master you don’t want that string sticking out at the studio either. You’d think a leotard would end that problem, but a few lifts later… and that’s assuming you’re doing a show with a leotard on! I can’t count the times we were in… less clothing.

Obviously as a teenager it was mortifying if something like that happened.

Unfortunately somewhere in my 4 moves last year I lost mine. When I went to see what kind of cups are out there now I was overwhelmed to say the least.

In divine timing this quiz came up!

My result: Your ideal cup is a Size 1 in Lunette, Diva Cup, or Lena Cup based on the answers you have provided. You can also consider lesser know brands such as the Super Jennie Size Small, or Ruby Cup Small.

I haven’t ordered yet, I want to check them all out. I’m a total nerd.

Which one is your perfect cup?


Also shout out to one of the best URL’s I’ve seen in ages!