I’m often counseling my very busy clients to take some time off. I have a good friend who lives in Colorado and tickets were so very cheap that I decided it was time to walk my own talk and take my first real vacation in years. This had no strings attached, nobody would be demanding for my attention, no family formalities just good old fashioned escape.

I took four days turned my phone off and went to play in the snow. It took me a while to let go of not having my phone on me. I kept thinking of the work I should be doing. I heard my inner coach say you definitely needed this, you can’t let go! I took a nice deep breath and started to let go. I had left a good plan in place for while I was gone. I prepped, I delegated, and I let go.

I will be taking a few lessons I learned home with me. Like turning my ringer off when I don’t need it on. I will be thinking more about when I really need the ringer on. 

I had a great moment in the snow as well. I realized a deep seated fear. I looked at it, understood how it had served me in the past and protected me when it was necessary. I felt a moment of gratitude but also let it know that it no longer was needed. It was time to go, it no longer serves me. 

I know that I will have work to do to fully erase this fear, and I may always practice caution but I will no longer let it keep me from reaching my full potential. 

Go play in the snow, or frolic on the beach, or dance in a park. Just go take a little time for yourself and see if you can’t hear that inner voice saying ‘it’s time to reach the next level’.