I love Vegan Veggie Slaws. I’ve got a bunch bookmarked that I play with and I thought I’d share them all with you!

Let’s put our hands together for all these lovely cooks!!!

The Simple Veganista
I love this recipe. One of the first I ever tried! I don’t use as much sugar – in fact I don’t use any but other than that I follow this as is!

Fat Free Vegan
An asian inspired slaw. Again I don’t use any sweetener. The oranges are enough for me. I do use Braggs liquid aminos tho!

This is really a super basic dressing, but with colorful veggies!

I love creamy slaw just like anyone else. This uses soaked cashews. It take a little forethought but totally worth it! I also make mine in a food processor not my vitamix just because it’s easier to clean! But it’s not as smooth…


This one is a kale and cabbage slaw, a bit more rugged and earthier with that kale in there. Don’t go nuts with lots of raw kale tho, it can repress your thyroid after a while.

Here’s a recipe to put those broccoli stalks to good use! Nothing is wasted in my house so this was a great idea to use stalks aside from stir fry and veggie stock. PS I love the blender girl!