Here’s a staple in my house. Easy to make, harder to get used to!

Turmeric is widely hailed as being the top food for preventing cancer. It’s used in many different natural cancer treatment plans. Now for me, a woman with a high risk of breast cancer as well as a few others sprinkled on the branches of my family tree, that’s really all I need to know.

But the more you know!

So here’s a short list of the top benefits of Turmeric:

+ Most know for it’s anti-inflammatory properties turmeric is used in treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However what people often overlook is that makes it a potent ibuprofen without the liver damaging side effects (among a ton of other side effects)

+ In fact turmeric is a liver detoxifier!

+ It’s also an antiseptic AND antibacterial. This means it’s a disinfectant for cuts or burns, it helps heal faster, and helps the skin to remodel leaving less scarring and tissue damage.

+ It’s used in Chinese medicine to treat depression.

+ Here people use it for weight management and in many cases helps you lose fat. Which, could help lift your mood.

+ Turmeric works against a number of different cancers. Depending on the cancer it has been shown to slow, reduce, reverse and kill cancer cells.

+ Finally it has been shown to slow and in cases prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Now these are certainly not the list in its entirety, but it’s a good start! If you’d like to dive in deeper check out this article: 10 Health Benefits.

If pregnant or on a clotting medication, talk to your dr. The blood stimulating properties of turmeric can cause problems and I don’t want anything to happen to you!

So how do you get turmeric in?

You can take a supplement sure. But you know how I feel about taking pills. There are enough supplements that I’m willing to take. Things that I can’t get thru my food, or things that I have a hard time getting a constant supply of like seaweed that’s not radioactive.

Turmeric I can get in my food! I will add the powdered version to just about anything savory. Fair warning it’s bright yellow and anything you add it to will also be bright yellow. So that green smoothie you just made? I don’t suggest adding turmeric if you don’t want to drink a brown smoothie. But if you’re making a beautiful gold smoothie? I just blew your mind! Add turmeric right now!!!

Soups, curries, potatoes, sauces, sauteed anything, I’ve added turmeric. But the easiest way? I make mylk.

I make coconut mylk the most. It’s the cheapest to make by far, and it’s super easy. Of course you can make what ever kind of mylk you like.

The basics:

The easiest way to make it is with powder.

Simply take two teaspoons of powdered turmeric and blend with your mylk or heat on the stove with your mylk.

Add a cinnamon stick and honey for a lovely treat!

Now if you’d like to make this even better for yourself make your own mylk. I promise it’s just as easy.

The basic coconut mylk recipe goes like this:

1 cup shredded coconut
4 cups hot water

You can add sweetener, or use a different nut or seed here. All up to you. The above is all I use.

I put the shredded coconut in a glass pitcher, you can use anything that’s not plastic. Pour the hot water over the coconut and let it soak. I’ve made mylk after 30 minutes of  soaking. Not my favorite batch but deadlines are deadlines. I’d say an hour minimum.

Pour into a high speed blender and hit it! I let mine go for a few minutes. Strain into a bottle.

When I make turmeric mylk I do the exact same thing but I add a few knobs of the root peeled to the blender. I by the fresh turmeric at Sprouts or Whole Foods. A little goes a long way. The roots are generally small but 1 – 3 pieces is really all you need.

Enjoy a shot in the morning, add to your coffee, cook with it, whatever!