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We’re going to talk all about periods. They’re inconvenient, painful, and over in about 5 days. Is that all there is or is there more to it?

What if you spent your 456 Periods, those 2,280 Days of Your Life, celebrating, connecting, indulging, loving, diving deep, improving your relationships, loving your environment, LIVING your life?

When we pull back the layers of the Taboo and let the light in, it turns out that our periods are full of all kinds of wisdom. Periods are not supposed to be painful, PMS is a myth, there’s something awesome going on every single day hormonally, and there’s a LOT of magic in US!

Allow me to take you on this amazing adventure. 

Think of this as a guided tour of your own body.

Together, we are going to go WAY further than hormonal balance.

WOMEN OF THE WORLD!!! We’re going to get really personal and really intimate.

It’s going to BLOW YOUR MIND. By the time this Summit is over, you’ll be wondering why you’ve never learned this before.

Joining will also be really practical for solving known and UNknown issues in that beautiful body of yours.

The contents of this Summit needs to be heard by women and men around the globe and that is why this Summit is free to attend and in case you want to watch it again or watch it at your convenience, even the replays are available for FREE for a limited time.

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Let’s break it down:

Part 1 Trash Taboo

  • PMS & Painful Periods are NOT just part of being a woman
  • Discover hidden chemicals in our menstrual products
  • How did this taboo get started anyway?
  • Unlearn what this patriarchal society has taught us


Part 2 Truth

  • Learn ways to end the Mood Swings, PMS, and Painful Periods
  • Discover the Power in your Period
  • Gain Body Confidence
  • Get the juicy downlow on Sex, our Cycles, and SO much more!

Part 3 Take Action

  • How you can make a REAL impact
  • Learn how to start your own Red Tent
  • Make deep and lasting connection with other women
  • Learn about the charity Day’s For Girls. 50% of our proceeds will be going to this amazing charity!

Your Hostess: Stasha Washburn

Hi there! I’m Stasha. I spent the first 20 years of my menstruating life HATING my period.

It was so painful that I threw up for days from the pain. I would break out in a cold sweat, shaking so badly I couldn’t stand. I often passed out right before my period, imagine explaining that in high school…

And the PMS… The mood swings were in control not me. It was horrific.

I was on Birth Control and Narcotics in high-school. That’s how bad it was. No more.

I’m on this planet to End The TABOO. So no girl has to lie because she’s embarrassed. So no woman needs to buy an ‘easy to conceal’ anything. So a woman can walk down the street and say ‘hey, I’m in my luteal phase, can I bum some chocolate?’ and the women around her will say ‘goddess, yes!!! I’ve got two kinds!’.


Our Speakers

 Leah Spellman

An inspiring chat with the COO of Days For Girls. The charity that 50% of this Summits profit is going to! Find out exactly where your money is going!

  • Hear the stories of the women in Nairobi sitting on cardboard that inspired the foundHER to start Days For Girls, and her flawed first attempt.
  • Discover how the charity has reached over 100 countries and empowered over 640,000 women and girls.
  • Find out HOW Days For Girls empowers women and girls depending on where they are in the world.

Steena Marie

Break Free of Religious Shame to Claim Your Sacred Sexiness and Unleash Your Feminine Power

  • how I released religious shame around my feminine power and sexuality to experience my sassy, spiritual, sensual self
  • how birth and motherhood released me from taboos and showed me how to honor my cyclical rhythm and fertility
  • my favorite visionary priestess ritual to clear stagnant shame, grief, and rage & reconnect to the sexy magic of the pelvic bowl

 Linda Vettrus-Nichols

Reducing Emotional Pain Through Menses & Menopause

  • Explore the indigenous history of Menses
  • Learn how to reduce emotional pain without blocking it
  • Understand how pain can be a healthy messenger




De’Nicea Hilton

The 5 Types of Periods and How to Bring Your Type Into Balance

            • What a healthy period is really like
            • How to use your period as a monthly “”Check In””
            • Acupuncture, Chi, and Energy as part of your healing process




Lara Catone

Your Sexy Cycle:  Biochemistry & The Female Arousal System

        • Understand the influence of hormones on your libido throughout the month.
        • Learn how your biochemistry effects the way you relate and your arousal system.
        • Receive tips for enjoying intimacy and sexual pleasure at each phase of your cycle.



Sequoia Krop

Explore the Women’s Blood Mysteries: Bring transformation and healing to your lives

      • Explore how we got to the point of taboo, how we can break down taboos and bring consciousness to our cycle
      • How this consciousness can bring transformation and healing to our lives
      • Shamanic womancraft, Red Tents and Rituals to “re-menarche” our relationship with our blood

Emma Polette

Using Yoga & Meditation to Slow Down and Reclaim Femininity

      • How I left a stress-filled corporate career to become a yoga teacher & health coach
      • Learn to carve out time just for you in a busy world
      • Hear my personal story of choosing a hysterectomy as a childless 43 year old woman to manage endometriosis

Salina Hainzl

Tea for Sugar Craving, Lust for Coffee and Self Care

            • Learn ways to make sassy tea to beat sugar cravings during period
            • Lust for another coffee? Learn about herbs and teas can help to give you the mental boost better than coffee
            • Learn why leaf tea is great way to give yourself some much-needed love

Dr. Amanda Waaldyk

The Controversial Birth Control Pill and TCM

      • Learn how Birth Control isn’t the cure we’ve all been led to believe
      • Learn how the pill is masking your hormonal imbalance
      • Learn ways to bring your body into balance naturally

Mangala Holland

Releasing Shame & Breaking Taboos

  • Understand the effects of emotions stored internally.
  • Learn about yoni massage.
  • Understand the power of menstrual blood.

Marilou Coombe

Connecting with your Children to Talk Taboos

            • 6 steps to getting clear as parents
            • Body Awareness and Language why these need to be very clear
            • Support and Mentoring for the whole family!

Dr Lara Briden

The truth about hormonal birth control, including the IUD and implant

            • #1 problem with hormonal birth control
              Difference between implants, hormonal IUD, and copper IUD.
            • What other ways are out there?
            • What to look for in your period, and tips for transitioning off Birth Control?

Jessica LaBrie

The Wise Woman’s Guide to Moontime Herbs

            • Get to know your period the Wise Woman way and open the door to your ecstatic, vibrant life!
            • Discover the ways that trauma, shame, and stress affect your physical cycle.
            • Embrace the healing magic of using herbs to soothe and balance each element of your sacred cycle, body mind and spirit.

Leah Kearns

Living with Endometriosis Deep Dive

            • -Hearing your intuition and using your voice, ending the Trauma Cycle
            • Your Cycle and The Brain Wavelength State Cycle
            • Turning the Endo switch OFF

Arvin Khamseh

Bio-Hacking Female Hormones

            • Testosterone why it’s important and how to hack it
            • Stress, Sleep, and your hormones
            • Libido and Thyroid two important things for energy and passion!

Avalon Darnesh

Reclaim Your Sacred Blood as a Rite of Passage

Learn how to:

            • celebrate menarche and revision this Rite of Passage in an empowering way
            • honor your cycles and trust your body wisdom
            • activate your sexuality for higher states of flow, connection, and power.

Marin Bach Antonson

Sacred Blood ~ Holy Womb

            • learn the hidden secrets about your menstrual blood that will blow your mind and heart open
            • learn the surprising ways that you can use your menstrual blood for deep healing, better health and bringing your body into harmony. 
            • learn a 5 step process for awakening your womb and igniting your core feminine power

Briana Cavanaugh

Money, Pleasure and Our Menstrual Cycles

      • How money and pleasure actually work – hint it’s not ‘work more’ and how to bring them both into our lives
      • How our menstrual cycles can increase our income!
      • Feast or Famine Money Cycle”

Dr. Lisa Suski

Food, Energy and Menstruation

            • Learn how food and cooking can increase your body confidence so you can get out into the world and do what you are here to do!
            • Learn when our immune system is weakest during our menstrual cycle and how to have a rock star immune system through the whole month
            • Learn how fermented foods can make or break your hormonal balance

Dr. Andrea Maxim

How Gut Inflammation Can Affect Your Cycle

            • Learn the top foods that can seriously affect your cycle
            • Learn the different tests you can ask for to asses your hormones
            • -Learn how to heal your gut, and your hormones, naturally in as little as 2 weeks

Josea Tamira Crossley

3 Keys to Transform Chronic Stress and Reclaim Passion, Purpose, and Pleasure

We’re going to talk about:

            • The secret link between your hormones, body breakdown and stress
            • 3 keys to reclaim your body’s wisdom to overcome chronic stress and experience more joy
            • 2 simple yet powerful practices to get calm and centered in the most stressful situations

Natalie Baack

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Living a Body Positive Life 

We’re going to talk about:

            • How developing an empowered relationship with our cycle can help us heal our relationship with our bodies
            • How without a doubt if girls learned to connect to their cycle, body shame wouldn’t be as widespread
            • How to use your cycle to help you develop a healthy relationship with food and movement

Kimberley Schroder

Sustainable Menstrual Options

            • Real talk about alternative options for menstrual products like cloth pads, sea sponges and cups
            • Disposables and the Chemical Cocktail that lies within
            • Dive into three big reasons for making the switch, saving money is one of them!

Jenna Johnson

Turning Shame & Taboos into Gold

            • How to start a business based on a Taboo
            • 3 tips for leaping!
            • How to recognize greatness, and use your voice”

Nathalie Martinek

How our mental, emotional, social & spiritual dimensions influence our menstrual cycle for better or worse

            • Our mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions affect the physical experiences of our cycles and periods
            • The sacral chakra holds the key to peaceful or painful menstrual cycle experiences
            • Nothing is fixed. By transforming our assumptions/beliefs about menstrual cycles held in each of our dimensions, we can transform our experiences of it for the better!

Greta Hassel Grace

Good Girls Do, Living In The Red

        • Exposing the Myth of Original Sin and Reclaiming your Original Innocence
        • The Red Tent: A Movement for Women that is Exploding Across the Globe and Strengthening our Sisterhood.
        • Fire & Fragrance, the power and freedom of expressing your unique shade of passionate RED!

One of the best parts of this summit is that 50% of what I make when you upgrade from watching for free to purchase your All Access Pass goes to this AMAZING charity!

Days for Girls International is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit. Women, and girls discover their potential and self-value, are equal participants and agents of social change and are given opportunities to thrive, grow and contribute to their community’s betterment while ensuring quality sustainable feminine hygiene. We are all about partnerships and joining hands. There are a lot of things in the world that are hard to change. This doesn’t have to be one of them.  THIS we can change. Together.

Our Mission is Simple:

Creating a more dignified, free and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions.

 Days for Girls Vision:

Every girl and woman in the world with ready feasible access to quality sustainable hygiene & health education by 2022.


Be a part of this WORLDWIDE movement!