I’ve been listening to women and I have talked to a lot of experts. So, here are top 5 reasons that I hate tampons that have affected me the most and have affected the women in my group the most:

  1. They are a major contributor for bacterial infection, yeast infection, and thrush.  The chemicals in the tampons are to blame for it.
  2. Chemicals in the tampons, even those with organic cotton is absorbed by your vaginal canal (your vaginal canal is super absorbent)
  3. Tampons are super absorbent and they absorb blood (which it should) AND the good juices, the cervical fluid in your vaginal canal. Your vaginal canal has its own immune system, in the form of cervical fluid. Tampons do not discriminate between blood and cervical juices.
  4. Taking Tampons out feels like they are pulling part of you out and they do. Tampons are abrasive.  
  5. The cost adds up.  You more than recover your cost of a menstrual cup within a year and you can use it over and over again. And it is better for the environment.