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Tiny Pizza

I have to confess this came about in a perfect storm. I have been craving pizza, I left my wallet at work so there was no option to even pick up missing ingredients at the store, I have a very strange kitchen because I cook for Clean Dinners once a week and often there are odds and ends that don’t make it into the meal.

I had one potato left from a previous CD, I had one beautiful tomato from my CSA Summerland, and since I’l always making desserts and cheeses out of cashews for CD I tend to have a huge jar of cashews on hand. I grow a basil plant, and I have sun dried tomatoes from a previous CD as well!

So I decided that there had to be a way to combine these things to satisfy my pizza craving. Here’s what happened:


I pan fried thick slices of the potato in coconut oil. I used an old paper bag that had a hole in it to absorb the excess oil after they were cooked.

While that was frying I made a quick batch of my basic cashew cheese. I used a little extra lemon juice so it would have a bit of a bite.

I knew I didn’t have marinara in the freezer, and I had that beautiful tomato that needed to be used so I sliced that guy up and pulled out the extra sundried tomatoes.

I grabbed a few leaves off of my basil plant.

By this time the potatoes were done!


After that it was just a matter of layering them.

I have to admit they were more awesome than I thought they would be! In fact I had to give two to my roommate and his girlfriend just to make sure I wasn’t delusional. They loved it!

If you’re not vegan you can totally do this with regular cheese, or add sliced pepperoni or mushroom slices or what ever! Go crazy!

Now just for kicks here’s a picture of the salad that accompanied my meal. Again this was what needs to be eaten… in salad form.

I made the salad dressing by blending lemon juice, fermented mustard I make, a little water, and olive oil in the Vitamix after scooping most of the cheese out so it’s nice a creamy. Bonus the blender was easy to clean!