So now we go into the second form of testing I recommend. I like ultra sound because it is in expensive and a great part of your tool box. However, thermography is an even more important tool!

Thermography is digital infrared imaging.

What that means is you get a picture of your body in heat form. This is what it looks like.

This is a fairly normal scan. Each and every person is different. This is from the center that did my scan:
Breast thermography is a way of monitoring breast health over time. Every woman has a unique thermal pattern that should not change over time, like a fingerprint. The purpose of the two initial breast studies (usually obtained three months apart) is to establish the baseline pattern for each patient to which all future thermograms are compared to monitor stability. With continued breast health, the thermograms remain identical to the initial study. Changes may be identified on follow up studies that could represent physiological differences within the breast that warrant further investigation.

Here’s the break down. If cancer cells are in the breast tissue, they need blood flow. We’ve talked about this at length in previous posts. Blood flow equals heat.

Thermography scans are looked at on a pixel by pixel level. They blow the images up and look for the teeniest tiniest heat signature. They can see if blood vessels are growing in the breast tissue. They can see if there is growth where there shouldn’t be. 

They can see this before enough cancer cells have grown to form a tumor. A mammogram can only see a tumor. At a point when you will need surgery, chemo, or some other invasive procedure. 

With thermography if there is abnormal growth you have time to make significant changes. Which, frankly, I hope you’re already making! You can monitor the growth and get ahead. 

You can make a plan and get started before it is to late.
Beth Meneley, L.Ac. I filled out the required paper work and then we went back to the exam room. It’s not really an exam room. I went to Tao of Venus, a healing center for women here in LA. The room we were in is actually a massage room, so very soothing, warm walls and comfy chairs. She gave me a terri cloth wrap. I removed my clothes, the top half anyway, and then wrapped up!

The idea here is that I begin to cool down while we talk so that my reading is at room temp.

She went through a family history and health history with me. We talked about any drugs I am taking, none, and any supplements I am taking, vitamins, D, Cod Liver Oil, Iodine, Selenium, Rhodiola. 

After that she told me how to sit, I removed the robe and posed! She took 5 pictures and then let me get dressed. She came back in and we took a look. She told me that they send the scans to a team for pixel by pixel review. She also told me that everything looked great at first glance! 

There is no invasive anything with this scan. In fact no one even touches you for a thermography scan. Not that ultra sound is painful but it does take a little while. If you are well endowed it takes even longer. This was really quite quick!

I should be going back in Sept for my follow up however at $200 a scan I’m going to have to postpone my next scan. Ideally you have two scans at three months apart. After that it’s just once a year. I’ve seen prices that are twice that so be sure to shop around. If there is only one place around you then do it, but if there are a few take a look. In my case Tao of Venus is right down the street, and the cheapest I’ve been able to find in LA. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a less expensive place. If there is let me know!!!

This scan, like ultra sound, is not 100%. You can’t depend on it alone. It should be part of your tool box. Along with self exams, yearly OBGYN exams, and ultra sound. In that tool box should also be healthy foods and certain supplements. 

In that tool box should also be a sense of awesomeness. It’s hard to give up foods and lifestyle habits that are so common place in our society. Fried food and cold beer sound like heaven to me. But neither one is any good for your breast health, or any cancer at all!

You have to know that you are worth living a long and awesome life. Maybe we get more than one turn around this earth but in case we don’t I’d rather live a long and prosperous life! Just because we can make food that’s not really food doesn’t mean I have to eat it. In fact I’d rather make something decadent and delicious at home, that I know is awesome for me, or at worst not going to kill me.

Ok I love you all!!! Have a great holiday weekend, I’ll be drinking a cold *Stasha-Pop* Kombucha by my brothers pool!