I’ve been getting a thermography scan since 2015. It’s a way of looking for breast cancer (well it does a lot of things but I have it done for breast cancer screenings and to keep an eye on my thyroid). The short of it is that a tumor needs to steal blood vessels which creates a little heat pocket where there wasn’t one before. So getting a few scans done early helps to make a solid base line. I’ve gotten 3 screens in four years.

At this point, with my family history I should be getting one every year. With my travel schedule it’s really easy to keep putting it at the bottom of my list. But it’s a sad excuse to put it off. It’s completely non invasive. No harmful anythings happen. It’s not painful, in fact you’re not touched at all.

I asked Beth, of Tao of Venus here in LA, to share some info about the scans. This is actually one of my scans from this appointment. She also shares a bit about the lymphatic system and thyroid.

And here’s a little video of the room set up for my exam to begin:

I would recommend this to any woman, even if you’re having a mammogram regularly, this can catch cancer FAR earlier.

I avoid mammograms, just my personal decision, not something I recommend as they are the classic and accepted screening. But with radiation going into my body, into my breast tissue, which causes damage at the genetic/DNA level, which the research says that it does… To me that seems like a bad idea. Then when you see that the people who make the cancer drugs are the same people who make the cancer screening technology… well… call me conservative but that seems like they’d be putting themselves out of business if they were really in the business of prevention.
So I choose to go this route. Not everyone agrees on this. People scream conspiracy theory from both sides of the argument. Snake oil, is said about both thermography and mammograms. So I looked at the research. I looked at my family history. I felt that with so much breast cancer, and with half my family carrying the BRCA gene, I want to stay as far away from radiation as I can. That feels good to me.
Therefor I do everything else that I can. Thermography, ultrasound, breast massage, lymphatic system support, eat good foods, avoid more than 3 drinks in a week (not always successful but I try!) since that increases your risk by 25% even if you have no family history… there’s not much more I can do other that get these scans more frequently as I age.