This is the fourth and final part in the series of four phases of our menstrual cycle. I get to bust a prominent myth that is thought to be a characteristic of the Luteal Phase.

If you missed the first three, this talks about the Menstrual Phase and this one talks about the Follicular Phase, and this one here deals with the Ovulation Phase of our Menstrual Cycle.

Luteal Phase is the time between ovulation and the next period which can be as long as full 14 days.  It is the longest phase in our menstrual cycle and has a double hormonal part with the rise in the estrogen and progesterone with an extra bump of estrogen to give you a little extra energy. 

First off, let’s bust that TABOO!

PMS is not Normal and PMS is NOT a part of being a woman.


The luteal phase is the late Summer and Fall phases of the cycle- the earth and metal phase of the cycle.

Coming from the high energy ovulation phase, there is a gradual transition and a gradual decline in the energy. So, this is a time to make sure that you don’t beat yourself up for not wanting to do things that are high energy. 

It is a time to start going inward. You will start wanting your own time – switch from going to large group classes to doing things on your won or with a few of your close friends. 

Be sure to continue to move whether it be a yoga class or a quiet walk.

Self-care tip: Luteal Phase

Stop judging yourself. Let go of your judgment. 

Don’t do things if you don’t feel like doing them. You don’t have to do everything all of the time.

If you feel like you want to stay inside and batch cook instead of heading out, do so. 

Pick yourself some Clary Sage (unless if you are pregnant, then DON’T!). Mix a drop of Clary Sage with olive oil, coconut oil, or castor oil and give yourself a womb massage.

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