In the first of the series, I talked about the Menstrual Phase. In this part, I’ll give you some insights on the follicular phase. As the energy begins to rise with the hormones, during the Follicular phase, you go from winter. 

As the energy begins to rise with the rise of the hormones in your body, during this phase, you go from winter to spring. 

Wood is the element during this phase.  Those shoots are coming up green so we are actually moving into this beautiful springtime energy.

This time is perfect to go do something outgoing. This is a time of extroverted energy so go outside, go do some hikes, maybe call up some friends go take a fun class. Maybe start doing some of the more challenging yoga classes as you start to feel your energy rising.

You may even want to venture out of yoga and start doing those more physically challenging classes.
There are so many good things you can do during the spring phase of the cycle and one of the things that I really do love to tell women to do is to get into the earth and plant. You can put a butt of lettuce in a glass of water and you will start to get lettuce greens again.
You can put spring onions for scallions in a cup of water and they will continue to grow green.

Self-Care Ritual: Follicular Phase
Surround yourself with bright detoxifying things. Eat your rich dark greens like your arugula, sprouts, dandelions right because they’re very detoxifying for your body.  Pick up some micro greens or some sprouts. Go eat your greens!
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