… and it was supposed to!

I had the privilege to participate in the Big Shift, a networking event for heart centered businesses recently. One thing that Bill Barren spoke about was the idea that the first draft always sucks, and if it doesn’t then you took to long!
It means take the first step, write the first draft, make the first move. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a business or taking control of your health, you need to take the first step!

The first draft or the first step is what gets you to the finish line. The first draft get’s your idea on paper. The first phone call empowers you to make the second. The first date may lead to love, it may also lead to the bathtub so you can be alone to eat chocolate! Either way a win 😉

So if you’re someone who would rather kick back and surf Web MD rather than speak with someone about what’s going on with you, I get it. I’ve been there. It took me 15 years to finally spend money to resolve my health problems. I didn’t really want to change my life, I enjoyed the crappy food, the late nights drinking with ‘friends’, the idea of getting healthy seemed too confining for me. It seemed too hard, too big, too overwhelming. 

But, I reached the point where staying the same was worse than taking the first step. That’s the tipping point as ‘they’ say. Now, I’m running my own business empowering women, busting myths, and trashing taboos! This life of health, freedom, and love would have never happened had I not taken that first step. 

My first step was calling my parents and telling them that I was going back to school (while I still had school loans!) to become a Certified Integrative Health Coach. I wanted, no NEEDED, to learn why I still had the worst periods of anyone I knew. My first step of sharing this with my parents made it real and I enrolled after hanging up the phone. 

I figured out how to finance my new education, I quit bartending and started waiting tables so I wouldn’t have to be out until 4am working, and could start taking a free Tai Chi class at 7am. I knew this would help me focus on my studies, and not only did it help with that, but it is still my guiding practice. I now teach my clients Tai Chi and Qigong mediations to manage stress, lower cortisol and even relieve pain!

Since you’re most likely reading this because of your own health, or discover your hearts desire, I ask: What’s your first step? If you know what it is what stopping you from taking your first step? (email me your answer)

There are many people out there like me who offer initial consultations. I regularly offer free ones! I also offer longer consults for very little money. Why? Because I know the first step can be very scary. I don’t want to put up barriers that prevent YOU from taking your first step. I also hate paying crazy high prices for initial consults, what if I don’t vibe with the person? What if their approach isn’t what I’m looking for? What if I’m not the type of client they best serve? I’m out serious cash. I will pay cold hard cash for a program that I really believe will provide me with value, but I don’t want to pay to find out. So I practice what I preach. I don’t put up barriers for anyone to take their first step. 

Take your first step, shoot me an email and let me know what it is!