Wow! I’m so excited I had to share! I wanted to get the archives loaded before I started adding more blogs but I can’t contain this news.

Clean Dinners is starting to take off! I’ve got a bunch of reservations for this week (one is a birthday party!) , and I was contacted by a writer and editor for the Food section of the LA times! 

I’m super excited that people are interested in this. It all part of a larger food movement. People are starting to realize that it matters what they eat. Not just for weight but for everything. Sickness, cancers, chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity, PMS, EVERYTHING!, is affected by what you eat. 

I’m so proud to be a part of the revolution. The awakening that you don’t have to give up going out just to eat well. That you don’t have to give up flavor and a full belly to eat healthy. That you can eat organically and chemical free with out being disappointed. 

I’m also proud to be a Heath Coach. I love watching my clients transform. I love being there to help them achieve their goals and learn so many new things. I love hearing ‘I don’t have time for any of that’ and sitting quietly while slowly they find time to love themselves and take care of themselves. I love seeing the transformation from I need to lose x amount of weight to be happy with myself to I’m happy with myself and now the weight is slipping right off!

Thank you to everyone that’s helped me out in the last year. To every one of my friends I’ve missed due to homework, work, and training. To everyone of my friends that came over to see me while I cooked because I couldn’t leave the house but I missed their face. It’s starting to grow. I may still be a seed in the sprouting jar but soon it will be time to leave the jar and move into the dirt!!!