Echinacea – works like an antibiotic. Helps prevent colds and lessens the intensity. Don’t drink everyday tho, the body will get used to it.

Eucalyptus – If you’re congested, can’t breath, stuffy or have any respiratory complaints this is the tea for you. Make a hot cup and inhale the steam before drinking. This also makes an excellent gargle if you’ve got a sore throat.

Ginger – aids in digestion, and encourages sweating. So if you have a fever this will help you sweat it out. It’s an antiviral so it will help break up congestion and thin out mucus! Try and use fresh root but the dried teas are a great alternative.

Green Tea – is an antioxidant. Which means it helps get rid of the bodies toxins. It also contains EGCG which specifically targets the cold virus.

Lavender – soothes the stomach and digestive track. So if your tummy is part of your cold or flu give it some lavender! It’s also a mood stabilizer so if you’re the type to get frustrated being in bed sick start this tea early. It’s also used to treat chronic pain so let this tea help ease your aches and pains.

Licorice – eases coughs and sore throats. Breaks down mucus and helps remove it from the respiratory track. Soothes the stomach. Rids the body of toxins. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant. It eases pain, stress and anxiety! *I keep Licorice in my house at all times. Aside from its medicinal uses I use it loose to sweeten bitter teas or even mixed in coffee to brew instead of adding a sweetener to my cup.

Peppermint – This is great for a stuffy nose, or a dry throat. Add a little honey and sooth that scratchy throat for hours. It also alkalizes the body, add a little lemon to get the most benefits. This herb also soothes the stomach. If you’re feeling nauseous this is the tea to help.

Sage – make a really strong tea and use this as a gargle. Boil and steep then let cool and use all day for a sore throat.

White tea – Apparently is even better than green tea! But with white or green tea adding a little lemon greatly enhances it’s benefits to your body.