As I write this I’m in the air I left San Diego, flying to San Francisco, now I’m on the way to Auckland New Zealand, and finally Brisbane Australia. I’m ALL OF THE EMOTIONS right now!

😳 I’m nervous, flight changes, luggage, getting to the AirBnb after 20+ hours of travel with my brain intact…

🤩 I’m excited for 6 months on the road! LIVING THE DREAM!!! I can’t wait to HUG EVERYONE!

😢 I’m sad to say goodbye here.

Shout out to Noelle for always taking me in and being the reason this business is a success! (If it weren’t for you I have NO idea what I’d be doing or where.)

😍 I’m happy to be living the life of freedom and adventure and most importantly spreading PERIOD POWER across the globe!

This whole thing started in a super crazy way and I want to share what’s been happening best I can.

💋 There is a man that I’ve admired, learned from, had long existential conversations with, created art with, battled wits and martial arts with, and watched as he wilted over the years in a failing marriage (not my business, I was busy anyway)… for 10 years. Well, 17 days ago, out of the clear blue sky, this man said ‘If I don’t do this I’ll regret it‘ and he kissed me.

My brain blew up if I’m being honest. This is when I discovered he was getting a divorce and didn’t want to wait another day to kiss me.

2 days later, totally not even sure if I had dreamed the previous two days, I found out my ex girlfriend might have died. Since her parents have lied about her dying before… (yeah, really) I couldn’t be sure. (Yes I’m Bi)

So I spent a day figuring out if she was in fact dead, concluded that yes indeed she was, and I started notifying people that loved her. Her more recent ex and I put together a wake for her just as she always wanted it. I was her primary caretaker through a cancer journey so we talked about all this stuff – a lot.

She wanted Another One Bites The Dust played while everyone drank shots of Jamesons.

2 days later I got my period. 🤯

From the day I found out my ex had died I spent 5 days notifying friends and loved ones, planning the wake and just generally living in a loop of sobbing or laughing… often both at the same time.

❣️All this, 2 days before my bleed and during the first 3 days of my bleed. I’m not going to lie to you – it was a LOT all at once.❣️

I giggled with glee conversing this man I adore, creating art again. Then I’d get a text asking how Wave died, or recounting a story about her and I’d be sobbing again. #timing

At one point I was in the shower, getting ready for her wake, black clothes waiting for me and I was laughing over a joke this man and I had shared. When I looked up and saw the clothes laid out – ready to wear to her wake – I instantly started sobbing.

There was such pleasure in such pain and such pain in pleasure.

I danced a LOT. I orgasmed a LOT. I cried deep soul cries a LOT. I raged a LOT. I journaled a LOT. I meditated a LOT. I processed, processed, processed – a LOT.

I had ONE day after Wave’s wake to get everything finished/packed so I could leave LA for over 6 months. Prep for coaching at the retreat, figure out what I’d be teaching from stage, and what I’d need with for the next 6 months after that.

I packed two suitcases. One for San Diego and one for Australia, Bali and Hawaii.

Next I had 5 days coaching at retreat in San Diego. This meant working from 8am to 10-midnight, sleeping 5 hours if I was lucky. I LOVED it! I wish it was less shitty hours, but there’s just nothing like being in a room with your clients for 4 days of intense work.

I live to see people pursue their dreams. To see them LIVING, not just surviving. To watch them build businesses that are changing the world. And I got to be a part of helping them find ways to share their gifts with the world!

I can’t abide hiding gifts. The world needs you.

Wave’s death has only made me more fierce. She was a talent that you’ll never get to know, and it’s all of our loss.

Business retreat over, I had one day to repack, make sure I’m as prepared as possible for leaving the country for half a year.

No time to recover from anything. From this first mind blowing kiss, to Wave’s death, to retreat… I head into another conference the day after I land in Australia. And you know what, that’s ok.

I think this is my life now.

At one point in all this I was in the bathtub laughsobbing and felt my body simply crack open.

Similar to one of my intense meditation journeys when I heard a pop in my head and felt/saw my meridians expand. From one lane dirt road to paved pathways, FLOWING.

❣️I suddenly knew I can hold SO MUCH MORE PAIN AND PLEASURE than ever before.❣️

My body repaired the crack, but instead of snapping back to size, I felt more space. More capacity.

Like Japanese art, the cracks filled with gold, able to hold MORE.

This is the beginning of a whole new chapter of life.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be speaking across Australia, leading a retreat in Bali, coaching at a retreat in Hawaii, getting pre-orders for my book along the way, enrolling women into Period Coaching School

It’s just beyond exciting to think I’m DOING IT! And I’m taking each and everyone one of you with me!