Working with my clients one thing we do is turn the idea of scheduling upside down. Most business coaches or time management blogs tell you things like set an egg timer, or schedule the same action at the same time everyday. I’m here to give you a totally different option…

How to Schedule Like a Woman

1. Take a look at your calendar and pick four different colors that you enjoy, and draw out where your cycle falls on your calendar. I like dry erase calendars like this because you can start your month anywhere that feels good to you, not on the 1st. So you could start your month on Day 1 of your Period, or you can start on the 1st. 
     ~You can see on my calendar that my Period Day 1 also happens to be the 1st of the month! I chose red to highlight this week for obvious reasons. Then I chose light green for my Follicular Phase, which is the Spring phase of our menstrual cycles. Next I chose orange for Ovulation because it’s the Summer phase and my peak energy. Last I chose purple for my Luteal phase since it’s time for me to slow down and treat myself like royalty. 

2. Write all of the big things you want to accomplish in the month outside your calendar. You can see my list to the right. I used different colors for different things. Errands are in one color, self care is another, and business to-dos are yet another color. You may have more categories, or different ones, but Self Care is non-negotiable!

3. Next move those actions over to your calendar according to your menstrual cycle. First schedule your self care items. Spread them out, for instance I’ll be scheduling a hike during my Follicular phase when as women our energy is up, then I’ll schedule a spa day during the end of my Luteal Phase which is right before your period and often referred to as PMS or Hell Week. I schedule interview and public speaking gigs as close to Ovulation as possible. Why? Our verbal skills peak during this time.
     ~During your Period don’t schedule things like errands or events, schedule indoor solitary activities, there’s nothing wrong with scheduling movie night, book night, catch up on magazines, night during this time. But the best thing you can schedule during the first few days of your period is dreaming time. Seriously, you will set yourself up for the most successful, joyful, life if you do this every month. If you’ve got networking events, or parties during your Follicular Phase or Ovulation RSVP yes and schedule them!

4. Each month take a look at the previous month. What worked? What felt good? What didn’t work? What could you shift to make your life even easier?

You MUST pick a calendar that calls to you, use colors that you love, and splurge here. This is something that you must WANT to look at everyday, that brings you joy to interact with. Don’t skimp or say good enough. This dry erase calendar I bought is HUGE! Why? Because this year I want to teach you all how to use your Period Power and I want to be inspired everyday to reach my goal. What is your inspiration? How do you want to change your life and the world? GO BIG!

Finally get help learning about your cycle, or how to run your business with your cycle, simply email me