How you ask!?!?

In preparing for a Fermentation Workshop I was teaching, I wanted to find out just how much it costs to buy some basics at the grocery store. 

Here’s what I found:


I went to a local store that sells a similar product as I make at home. Organic, no chemicals, no sugar, gluten free, gmo free, all that good stuff!

We eat more than a little old jar a week in our house. But let’s say one is enough. This brand has some fun flavor options (like you will have at the workshop!) 

So let’s say you’re having a jar a week.

At $8 a jar x 52 weeks = $416 a year

No so bad right? What if I told you to make this at home you would spend…

$35 a year, tops.

Here’s how I figured that. Kraut does vary in costs, but let’s assume you’re going to eat 18oz a week to keep it the same size as the store bought. 

That means you’ll eat 7 gallons of kraut in a year. At 5 lbs of cabbage for 1 gallon of kraut (generally) you’ll need 35 lbs of cabbage for a year of kraut. 

Most places sell by the head for $1.50 a head. A head varies in size but are generally 3-5 lbs. So let’s just say $1 a pound, even though it’s really more like 50 cents. 

35 lbs of cabbage costs $35! The extra padding I gave to the cost of cabbage per pound will absorb the tiny amount of salt you’ll need to get it fermenting.

Ok so how about Kombucha?

Let’s assume that you are ready to feel AMAZING! 

You’ll be drinking a kombucha everyday. 

That’s $6 a day x 7 days a week =$42 a week x 52 weeks a year =$2,184. You could go with a cheaper brand at $4 that’s still $1,456. (I sell mine for $6 a bottle or $5 for a refill, this covers my bottling/labeling costs and Certified Kitchen rental the Health Department demand I use, this is why kombucha is so expensive in the store! Plus I do everything myself including labeling the bottles so it takes me around 24-30 hours a week to make and sell at the market)

What could you do with an extra TWO GRAND a year?!

So what would it cost you to make at home?

$111 a year

I looked up how much organic tea and organic sugar on Amazon would cost. Turns out they are both on Amazon Prime as well, so not only can you order a years supply of tea and sugar you can get it shipped to your front door for free!

If you want to make different flavors you can definitely spend more a year, however you can simply change what kind of tea you use to make a totally different kombucha!!!

That’s a savings of $2,073 EVERY YEAR!

You can thank me in the comments below 😉

Here are the big guns!

Let’s look at probiotics. The average price for a probiotic pill is $1 a pill, often they tell you to take 4 or more at a time. Let’s just say two to keep the math easy
$730 a year. That’s putting your trust in that pill on top of the costs. 

Once you start making your own ferments at home you will be able to eliminate this expense all together!

So if you wanted to drink a kombucha for breakfast, pop a probiotic with lunch, and enjoy some kraut with dinner that will run you… 

Buying grand total: $3,330

You’ll spend $146 in supplies, for a WHOLE YEAR of fermented goodies!!!

You’ll save $3,184 EACH YEAR by making your own vs. buying at the store!!!

Can you imagine?!