5 stalks Rhubarb
2 Grapefruit (mine were small organic guy, you’re using the skin so make sure you buy organic. you may use one, it will make it less tart)
2 cups Sugar (I used Organic Coconut Sugar)

If you don’t like things tart you’re going to want to add more sugar. You can taste as you go so you’ll know if you need to add a bit more.

Peel the grapefruit, use a sharp knife to just skin the outtermost layer off. You don’t want the white pith stuck to the skin. These skins are going to be cut down to shards. Think toothpicks.

Juice the grapefruits. 

Cut the rhubarb into about 1 inch slices. Keep in mind as this cooks the rhubarb is going to pretty much disintegrate so cutting it now is no big deal, don’t stress. Coat the rhubarb with the sugar and toss with the grapefruit shards and juice let sit overnight. As will most things you can shorten that but the longer it sits the better the rhubarb is going to cook down. 

Pour this mix into a pan. Bring to a simmer and start stirring. You want to keep anything from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Now there is a club of people that use a cold plate here. Placing a little of the jam on the plate will cool it and let you see how the jam will be when it’s ‘set’. I’m to lazy for that. I’m sure it will be fine, I’m not picky about the consistency of my jam. If you are into that level of control for your jam you should totally check it and then you will have the perfect jam for you!

When the jam is done to your version of perfection you can process it (jar it) or you can just pop in the fridge. It will last a while, but don’t quote me, mine doesn’t last long!

I used the jam as a glaze topping to a raw strawberry cheesecake, this is an in progress shot.