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An Action Guide for Revolutionary Women

What if your menstrual cycle was a map for living in flow?

The greatest trick the patriarchy ever pulled was separating women from their cycles. It pitted us against each other (and ourselves), turning one of our greatest power sources into something ‘gross’ and ‘unclean’ – a ‘curse’ to be ashamed of.

As a result, we’ve forgotten that our energy levels naturally wax and wane each month. Instead, we live our lives constantly pushing, striving and doing – ending up burnt out and disempowered. And 90% of us will have a hormonal imbalance.

This book proposes a revolutionary alternative: one of honoring your natural cycle, and planning your life and business in flow with it. As you journey through these pages, you’ll learn how to live, eat and work in beautiful alignment with your individual flow.

It’s time to reconnect with the power in your period.

Are you ready to join the revolution?


Because this is the revolution that powers

all the others. 

I really loved this badass guide to helping us connect to our bodies’ wisdom. It’s super-important, powerful information that’s easy to digest and take action on!

Katie Bressack

Stasha is on a mission to create a community of strong women who will end the taboos around menstruation, and she really knows her stuff.

Sudiksha Joshi

Stasha’s work has changed my life for the better in ways I’ll spend the rest of my life being grateful for.

Sarah Taylor


Enjoy in paperback, ebook, or both!

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