Manifesting and launch plan success – Red carpets, sponsorship and more! 

One quarter of the way through the year and already it had been a rollercoaster! If you haven’t read part 1 flick back here to catch up on all the pieces that have been laid out so far including building my annual business plan and falling head over heals with a house!

The next morning we headed to Arizona. I needed to be there that day to help my biz bestie Meredith, I was her Summit Co-Host!


April 1st – Day 29


Now I was fully in Deep Luteal and I rarely have a cycle go over 27 days and here I was April 1st, Day 29 and FEELING IT. It was the anxiety of waiting to hear about the offer on the house creating this delay. So co-hosting Mere’s summit was a great distraction from waiting desperately to find out if our offer was accepted. 

Late evening on April 1st we found out the offer had been accepted! Which was a huge relief but not the end, because there was still an inspection to do, then the final negotiations. 

I really couldn’t do any work, other than co-hosting at this point. My brain was barely working, the endometriosis was flaring up and the anxiety delaying my bleed. So I tried to rest as much as I could, but Chris’s daughter, miss 6, was staying with us. So I tried my best to stay engaged with her in between summit sessions.

Fortunately on the 3rd I got my period. Which was a relief but also rather painful and all I could do was lay in a dark room to keep the migraine at bay with a hot water bottle keeping the cramps at bay. I had to tap out of Mere’s summit, it was the last day. I got on in the morning to wish everyone my love and let them know I needed to gracefully exit to take care of myself. A beautiful thing about Mere’s community was all the lovely well wishes I got from everyone! Miss 6 came in and drew me a prescription, which was to stay in bed, fortunately.

The next day, Day 2, the 4th we drove to Idyllwild, a little place in the mountains of SoCal to stay at our favorite place and get a day of real rest before the LA movie premier! THANK GODDESS!

I spent the 4th and 5th mostly in the hot tub, snacking, napping, and relaxing. Check out isn’t until 11 so we took a leisurely morning on the 6th before heading down the mountain to Los Angeles.

We made it to LA on the 6th midday. It was Day 4 and while I was feeling a bit more energy, I was still a bit wiped out. So we had lunch, checked into our hotel, went for dinner, and chiiiiled out!

I woke up on the 7th, Day 5, SO excited for the premier! We had breakfast with my oldest friend Kisha, then went back to relax, nap, and get ready. We were having an early dinner with my friends that were on my list for the movie. Some of them were Period Coaching School students, some were colleagues, and some were Guest Teachers for my school. It was a FAB time.

Stasha, the period coach, with period coaching students and colleagues at the The Business of Birth Control movie premiere.
Stasha with guest speakers of the Period Coaching School at the The Business of Birth Control movie premiere. As The Period Coach Stasha specialises in working in flow and working with your cycle.
I had to leave dinner early for a sponsor’s photoshoot. It was awkward at first, meeting everyone, but felt SO GOOD to be there and while I wasn’t fully into follicular the excitement, and satisfaction of seeing my creation Period Coaching School up on the big screen, definitely carried me through the night.

The next morning on the 8th we got up and headed to Death Valley National Park. I felt like you do after a big event, wiped out, but floating on cloud 9. As we headed out to the land of zero cell reception, I did as much reposting and social media as I could. I wanted to get as much visibility as I could out of this sponsorship. But soon enough we were in the wilderness and I adored being totally unplugged. We explored Death Valley, drove all over it, and camped out there for the night. The stars were incredible.

The next morning we got up and headed to Sequoia & Kings National Parks. They were beautiful and cold! Up top of Sequoia was snowy, while we’d just come from 90-degree Death Valley. It’s always incredible to see how different the land can be in only a half day’s drive.
That night we drove into Yosemite National Park and woke up in the valley. We spent the 10th exploring, hiking and, thankfully, because we woke up there, we beat everyone to the hiking! We basically had the trails to ourselves and that’s super rare in Yosemite.
It was such a joyous day, I really could have stayed another day but we had to be in San Francisco the next day so we headed there. We got in late that night, and Chris’s dad is the best. He had a big bubble bath with cocktails waiting for us, the perfect end to a few nights of camping in the heat and cold.

On the 11th we spent the day at Chris’s bio dad and his husband’s (known as ‘the dads’ from here on out) house in San Francisco. I caught up on a bunch of work, and we went for sushi and books in Japantown. What can I say, we’re nerds, neither of us can resist a bookstore. It was a nice break before we headed back out for what we thought would be three more National Parks.

But as we headed out, there was a massive snowstorm at Lassen National Park and they closed the park. So we skipped it and headed to Redwood National Park.

We got there in the afternoon on the 12th. I was on Day 10 and really feeling Ovulation. We drove all around the park and found the very last camping spot ON THE BEACH. It was raining and foggy and gorgeous! Even though it was raining we spent the 13th in ponchos hiking and exploring the park. 

I hadn’t been there since 2001 and I didn’t remember much, it was like remembering a dream. I do wish we had stayed, but we headed out with the intent of going to Crater Lake. Unfortunately, they ALSO had a massive storm and closed the park while we were driving there!

So we ended up at Carrie’s the night of the 14th. Which turned out to be just fine, I had all that ovulation energy and got a TON of work done over the next few days. This was a time of mass editing. I went through a lot of the emails one last time, and looked over the website pages, really doing my best to catch those last mistakes. You can’t catch them all but doing this when you’ve got peak language skills is a great time to do it.

I caught up on work, cooked for everyone, and got familiar with all the animals I was going to be taking care of.

On the 16th I finished the Summit website. This was a process helped along by Julie from Brandiwork, creating a brand new website, and next year it will be much easier since we’ll just change the speakers – some will remain- and the dates. Today I was really making sure the website is done because the intention is to not re-do it every year. I was Day 14 – super clear, great verbal skills so copy editing was at its height. I even had it in me to finalize the swipe copy for the speakers to share about the summit. 

Again, now that it’s done it will be easier next time. However, I’m sharing all of this so you can see what building all of this, for the first time, in the middle of all this chaos CAN BE DONE, when you tap into the strengths of your FLOW!

The 17th was Easter Sunday, while I’m not religious it’s a nice excuse to chill. I made lasagne, watched Black Widow and enjoyed a bonfire with Carrie and family complete with s’mores! That said it was the day before they were leaving so Carrie and I recorded our interview for the summit midday and took some fun glam photos.

The next morning I dropped the family off for their holiday and worked a 10-hour day! I was on Day 16 and still riding that ovulation wave. Talk about working in flow!! It was an effortless day with one exception. Turns out the interview with Carrie didn’t record any audio! So now we have to figure out how to get this done or even if we should try. I don’t want her working on vacation, but it’s also an opportunity for her to share about her business so I decided to leave it up to her. 

On the 19th I had 3 application calls with potential Period Coaching School students, one was so excited she signed up while still on the call which always feels good! As this was happening the inspection of the house was being conducted. WHEW, I WAS NERVOUS! I’m rather glad I had those calls and a session with my tapping coach Anita I also distracted myself by doing all the laundry.

Finally, at the end of the day, we heard the inspection went REALLY well! YAY! Some things we’ll need to fix, and clean, but overall it looks like a nice solid house.

4/20, is a great day for those who enjoy the green goddess AND we got the first sample card deck!!! I saw clients and had a school call. So I didn’t do much work on the Kickstarter or the Summit aside from Chris and I going through the card deck and finding mistakes or things we thought would look differently. They looked SO GOOD y’all! We decided we hated the black border, some cards printed a little dark, a few images were a bit fuzzy, and we found out that we could add two more cards to the deck for the same price so we started talking about what they should be.

It was also Day 18, and the house negotiations and inspections were giving me anxiety, so I took an hour-long nap after my last client.

On the 21st I had a lot of calls which were lovely but here’s where I made a mistake: I tried to start running the Facebook ads, but they had changed a ton of the back end. At this point, I was too deep into Luteal and I got sooo frustrated that I knew it could only end in tears. So I took myself to the bathtub and then went to bed early.

On the 22nd we got a break in the rain and decided to make a run for it. We took Charleigh, the pup, out for a walk in the forest. We went on a gorgeous walk/hike through the woods across the river with a very pretty waterfall. The sun, fresh air, and a happy dog were just the medicine we needed!

Saturday the 23rd was a super lazy day. We both needed a full recharge day and it was raining again so we watched movies and napped all day. Of course, the house negotiations were ongoing so I think not only did we physically and mentally need the break but also emotionally.

Sunday the 24th was no different with the exception that we binged Wanda-Vision. And this is the thing about working in flow and manifesting a business you love – you don’t have to hustle and be ‘on’ all the time! Lean into the ebbs to find rest. 

On Monday we headed into town to check out Powell’s Books. I really wanted to see it and I didn’t have any calls until the afternoon. So we headed out and it was an absolute DELIGHT! We walked around the area a bit, but I started to get dizzy. I was on Day 23 so that’s not much of a surprise. We headed home and I had a call with Tash Corbin who is my business coach. Then just before dinner, we found out Chris would need to leave for Albuquerque the next morning to sign for the house! Nothing is for sure until that’s all done so of course every day we’re anxious, waiting to hear what the offer is, if they would accept some changes or not, we were STRESSED!

The next morning I was driving to the airport again. Dropped Chris off first thing and headed back to the house. At this point I was fading, I had one call and I knew I needed to save all my brain power (or spoons to those in the know) for that call. I had a little energy and I used to clean and cook. I went to bed at 8 pm.

April 27th, Day 24, and the rest helped. I woke up with a bit of energy and was thankful for that as I did have a few calls. Since we were on the road for my Follicular and Ovulation I did have to make up those clients, Flow Freedom, and School Alumni calls. I tapped into my intuition, that Deep Luteal energy is perfect for this, and the calls were INCREDIBLE. They went really deep! While I do usually block my calendar and rest during this time, if you don’t have endometriosis or PMDD or something similar, this time can be really good for certain calls.

I also watched Turning Red! 

The next day I got my period early in the morning. It woke me up. A 24-day cycle happens to me about 2x a year so it’s not abnormal and with the amount of house stress, travel, and May just a few days away… I’m not at all surprised that it was a short cycle this month! I also wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been one of my longer cycles. Those sorts of things happen, and that’s totally what your body is supposed to do! I generally have one or two 31/32-day cycles in a year. It’s good to know your extremes, what’s ‘normal’ for you.

It wasn’t an awesome period. I did check in on all the social media to promote the Kickstarter, but that’s it. I mostly stayed under the electric blanket and tried to stay still as much as I could. The pain was easily triggered so I mostly focused on breathing, resting, and waiting to hear from Chris about the house…

… and Chris signed the papers!!! THE HOUSE IS OFFICIALLY OURS!

A doozy of a Day 1!

What I’m hoping you have seen here so far is that living life and working in flow won’t always be smooth sailing. It won’t always be pretty or symptom-free. And sometimes things just won’t line up ideally – BUT when you intentionally live with flow you can call those strategies in all through your cycle in every phase to help you find the rest and nourishment you need to manage each day you are given on this beautiful planet. Day 1 was a doozy sure – can you see the self-care and strategies in the leadup and how they helped?

In the next blog, we will talk more about moving while in the launch phase! Stay tuned!!!