This is essentially a thick smoothie in a bowl! It’s very versatile and I encourage you to play with it. I like this because buckwheat is actually a seed.

It’s a protein rich, mineral rich -even in magnesium a mineral most everyone is low on, and a gluten free powerhouse!

I do well with a protein boost in the morning and this is a whole foods way to skip the protein powders, and the cooking. I love my eggs but sometimes I’m craving something vegan, or cold, or sweet, or fruity, or chocolate, and since there’s no limit to combinations you can let your cravings be your guide!

1/2c raw buckwheat -soak over night or sprout a bunch and store in the fridge
1 banana -I recommend freezing bananas for this very dish
1/2 cup berries -again freezing is fine!

place it all in a food processor and blend til creamy!

add ins:
Superfoods like Maca, Bee Pollen, Raw Honey…
Greens a handful of spinach, a little chlorella…
A scoop of nut butter
soaked cashews -you can soak them in your buckwheat over night

Make it a chocolate pudding!
Add avocado or use it in place of the banana. Add a TBS of Raw Cacao

Hemp seeds
Goji Berries
Dried or Freeze Dried fruit
Use Avocado instead of banana and slice banana on top!
Fresh berries

What do you like? Lay out some of your favorite combos below!