Here’s a nice warm breakfast that’s gluten free, filling for days, full of protein, and so easy to make different from day to day!

Quinoa is a seed, so it’s full of good minerals! Things our bodies don’t get enough of like magnesium. It’s such an important thing but we don’t have any sources of it in the Standard American Diet (SAD). 

Here’s a basic recipe to get you started!

1c Quinoa, It’s really good spun thru the spice grinder made into a meal. Think cream of wheat consistency. 
1c water

Cook this first for 20 minutes


1 cup coconut creme ( a can of full fat organic cream is the way to go! )
1 cup milk, if you like it thinner (nut, seed, raw, whatever you like. Unsweetened)
1/4tsp cinnamon
1/8tsp nutmeg
pinch of pink salt
maybe a little honey, but not necessary 

Cook just to warm up the creme and milk. Stirring to combine the spices. When it’s warm you eat!

Add some toppings like nuts, seeds, fruit, dried fruit. The picture above is banana, almonds, dried cranberries.

Here’s my big tip. Cook the quinoa the night before or over the weekend, then just pull it out to heat in the morning. I make this but I only use half, or less of the cooked quinoa so it’s super creamy.