How working in flow increases productivity without burnout and creates more alignment 

Welcome to part 3 of my blog reflecting on the year that was 2022! I hope you are already seeing how working in flow allowed me to lean into opportunity, dream big and move the needle on the things I wanted to bring into the world. Working in flow doesn’t mean it is always going to be easy! But it does mean you can learn how to boost your productivity without burnout, manifest your dreams into reality and deliver epic launches that feel good! So let’s get into shall we? Parts 1 and 2 are online if you want to backtrack. But the big thing to know is we GOT THE HOUSE! Our dream house in the mountains.

The next day Chris went up to the house and sent me tons of videos. He took some measurements and sent me a sketch of the floor plan. And now we have to figure out how to get our stuff, most of which is in San Diego all the way down the coast, some of which with my cat Nugget is in Indianapolis across the country to the house that’s in the middle of the bottom of the country. Mind you we are in the Pacific Northwest. I’m talking about, if this is a straight shot from here, to San Diego, to Albuquerque drop off that round, then to Indianapolis and back, is 4,442 miles = 7149 kilometres, or 66 hours of non-stop driving. That’s right, that doesn’t include gas or pee breaks.

So that was going to take some planning! But not today, today it’s Day 2 and I need to use the tiny bit of energy I have to interact on social media.

April 30th. Day 3. While I did a little work, it was mostly just being present on social media. Easy and low-key. I mostly stitched and rested. I know that it’s going to get crazy soon.




May 1st, the day before the Kickstarter goes live!

Day 4, and feeling a bit more energized. I went through all the Period Coaching Summit emails for a final check. I did my monthly numbers and caught my books up. Carrie, sadly, had gotten the dreaded plague so she was in isolation with one of her kids and decided to re-record our interview as she had nothing better to do! They weren’t feeling badly, but until they tested negative they had to stay in the room. So unfortunately that worked out well for the Summit, but don’t worry, spoiler alert, they did test negative in time to enjoy their trip!

Summit Website here (note 2022 summit has now been archived but you can sign up now to get notified when the next summit goes LIVE).

My big goal today was to do as much as I could so that tomorrow all I have to do is enjoy the launch! the thing about working in flow is I could plan around my peak energy and best problem solving stages to maximise my productivity without burnout. Trying to hustle all the time is where we see burnout popup.

TODAY IS THE DAY! The Kickstarter goes live! May 2nd, 2022 and Day 5 of my cycle.

I was a bundle of nerves, I had to push the actual button to publish the Kickstarter. I Facetimed Chris so I didn’t have to do it alone. There are moments in life that should be shared and this is certainly one of them!


I hit publish and we both cheered. The emails to let everyone know we were live were scheduled to go out already so all I had to do was spend the day on social media, mostly Instagram, and tell people until I was hoarse.

Thankfully on the first day, we hit over $1,000 which was a HUGE sigh of relief! At the end of the day we’d hit 18% of our goal and while my energy was rising so were my nerves. I don’t think I’ll ever do a Kickstarter where I don’t get more stressed as the days go by until we hit the funding goal. Then I finally can breathe again.

I had an EFT session with Anita today, yes that was planned! I knew I was going to want the support to really anchor in the feeling of success, of hitting the goal, of the relief and excitement that were on the way. I also knew that in case it didn’t go well having that support would be necessary.

I picked Chris up from the airport at midnight so when I woke up on the 3rd, even though I was Day 6, I was tired. I had an Application Chat with a potential student for Period Coaching School in the morning. Those are always energizing, it’s so fun to chat with people about their ideas and visions and of course all things menstrual.

That afternoon though, I took a long nap and other than a few work calls, and promoting a bit on social media I took it easy.

On the 4th we headed to Portland to meet up with my friend Scott who designed the Period Coaching School website. We met years ago at an event and he’s such a great dude. So he played tour guide for the day and took us all around. What a beautiful city!

We got back to the house in time for me to teach the Marketing Masterclass for my Period Coaching School students. It’s such a fun class, most people think the only option to market is social media, I love the sighs of relief when they find out there are SOOOO many other ways to market. 

The Kickstarter closed out today with 21% funding. Not a big jump, but moving in the right direction.

On the 5th I had my private client calls. I also was packing us up to head to Los Angeles, Chris, myself and Charleigh the dog we’re going south for a concert. Yep, you read that right. We were about to drive 1,000 miles (1,600 km) to LA for a concert – and back.

This wasn’t any concert. This was the rescheduled 2020 Pearl Jam concert, and as a fan club member I get put in a draw for tickets. Well in 2020 I got floor tickets, like right there in the pit up front. Really the only thing that crushed me when the pandemic hit was the fact that I had those tickets for the first time and I had to wait for who knew how long. And what if one of them caught covid and died!?!? I know, super selfish, I’ve been waiting since the 90’s to be that close to the stage!

So when the concert was rescheduled we had already promised Carrie to come house and pet sit. So we told her, asked her if Charleigh would be cool traveling with us, and rather than skip out on her last minute we drove 2,000 miles LOL. What can I say, I’m a woman of my word.

So on the 6th, we drove to San Francisco where Chris’s dads live. We were greeted at the door with a cocktail and the jacuzzi tub filled with hot water and bubbles. Charleigh was such a good dog the whole way and loved getting belly rubs from the dads.

The next morning, May 7th, we drove down to LA for the Pearl Jam concert. I did not disappoint. It was a spectacular show and if you want to hear it, it’s on YouTube!

Watching the Pearl Jam in LA.

We hung in the parking lot after it was over for about an hour, had dinner and then headed back up north. We slept in the car a good couple of hours up the road, the energy from the concert carrying us along.

Which was great because the 8th is Chris’s birthday and we got up to San Fran early and spent the whole day with his dads! We went on a chocolate tasting, and his dad decided enough chocolate and turned our adventure into more of a bar crawl LOL. It was a fun day.

We headed back to Carries on the 9th in the morning. Today is also the day the first ever Period Coaching Summit kicked off! Again, all the work was done. The interviews had been recorded earlier in the year (see Part 1), the emails scheduled, and Sarah, my VA in Australia, was checking in all day to make sure things went off without a hitch. Plus my friends and speakers kept me posted, so I could focus on driving safely back up the coast.

Which we did, thankfully, making it back in time to have dinner and fall asleep.

Day 12, May 10th I had a few Application Calls for the School, and a potential private client call. SO glad I work in flow! Had I tried to do this later in my cycle those would have been tough calls to get through. When you try to push through tasks in the wrong phase or energy you can end up feeling like a failure, a fake or just crash and burn. Want to be productive and aligned? Work in flow for best productivity and rest to avoid burnout!

The summit was in full swing and I enjoyed reading emails from people who were watching.

The 11th and 12th I worked all day between promoting the Kickstarter, the Summit, and getting us all packed as we needed to start driving BACK down to SF so I could make it in time for the Summit live Q&A on the 13th.

So we started driving south the evening of the 12th and we were guided by a double rainbow! What a good sign I thought, as we set off on a long journey to our new home. 

Period Coach Stasha driving south and guided by a double rainbow - a good sign.