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3 reviews for Your Business Your Flow

  1. Laura Gyre

    Stasha is super knowledgeable about all things periods! I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of this course because I was pretty informed about women’s health already, but she definitely helped me figure out some of the weird hormonal things that my body gets up to, in a friendly space where it was easy to talk about topics that rarely come up at other times.

  2. Sudiksha

    Stasha has turned own life’s adversity as a way to empower others. Stasha empowers other women by allowing themselves to know who they are and brings a platform where women can connect, collaborateand, grow together. I highly recommend Stasha’s program.

  3. Tash Corbin

    What a beautiful and brilliant program. Thank you so much Stasha – I am definitely aligning my business more and more as I move forward and feel so supported and educated in how to do so. I highly recommend this course – I almost think it should be mandatory for all teenage girls!!! HA!

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