Charting to Clarity & Confidence


Learn how to unveil deeply hidden cycles and oh so much more wisdom about YOU!

You my dear are a gift, and you are given a gift at birth. Tap into it with this.



This course will guide you through using the chart and help you make choices in expressing your creativity, at your own pace.

You can get started with the videos right away!

We will be using the beautiful Enter The Red Circle charting mandala. If you don’t have this already you’ll get it with this course.

While sitting down to a spreadsheet to collect data every day might not be fun, coloring sure is! But it helps if you know exactly what you’re doing.

Allow me to help get you going, not only by explaining how each part of this chart can be used to unveil SO much about you, but also keep you engaged so this active meditation becomes a healing habit.

You can go at your own pace, taking your time to layer in each part or get started all at once!


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