2018 Your Business Your Flow Planner


This is the DOWNLOAD only version. It’s a printable file that you’re welcome to print at home to take to a shop and have it turned into a book!



Business Planner + Charting Mandala!

This is my baby. She has everything Enter The Red Circle has PLUS Your Business Your Flow dated Planner.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll have a system for the whole year. You’ll be charting right in your planner so making strategic choices each week will be so much easier.

This book includes quarterly assessments.

This book is good for:

  • Women who run their own businesses
  • Super busy moms who who run their households
  • Women who want to connect their lives to their cycles and be in rhythm.

The book includes:

  • Everything from Enter The Red Circle.


  • Quarterly review and plan space
  • Weekly planning pages for the whole year
  • Self-care and lifestyle trackers
  • Space to add your own personal needs


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