The Kickstarter JUST finished and we are fully funded!

I’ll post the real numbers and behind the scenes as they unfold. Right now Kickstarter will begin collecting the backer payments. Last time a few backers defaulted, so we’ll see what we end up with but for now here’s where the Kickstarter ended:

We asked for $7,000 and have $11,520 pledged, from 82 backers

That’s 164% funding! YAY!

The backers voted on two extra cards. Chris has one of them done and the other is in the creation process. I’ve sent the backers half the text for the booklet that comes with the cards and I’ll be sending the second half this week.

Once the last card is made and we know how many decks we will actually need (remember some backers default so they won’t be counted in the final totals) we’ll place the order! SO EXCITING!

Then the cards are sent to us, we will package them up with some extra surprise goodies, then send them to all the backers. WHEW! I’ve had a blast designing some stickers to go out with these, and out with the graduating Period Coaching School students certificates.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!!!