Period Coaching School, Alumni Community


For those of you who desire community and ongoing support.

This group will have live support and feedback. Scroll down for more details.


Having Community Matters

Our community is incredible. The support, the love, the brilliance… this doesn’t have to be left behind. 

In addition to everything listed here, I’d also like to have a book review – we can pick a book and chat about what we’re learning – in our Alumni group. I’d even love to bring in speakers to talk with us further! 

This group will be my first stop when it’s time to bring mentors into the School.

The Best Part?

You’re invited to join the new students in the new FB group, and the group calls!


Our LIVE monthly masterminds continue here, and the live School Masterminds.


It can be tough to raise your visibility alone. Here you’re encouraged to post your offers and affiliate with each other. Plan launches together to help support each other!

Business Support

Behind the biz is a mystery to most. Your business needs foundations and as it grows those foundations need to grow. Here we will help support your growth and keep your business flowing!

Live Guest Teachers

You’ll be invited to the live guest teacher classes for the School. 


You don’t need to be psychic you just need a group of smart Period Coaches to help! Client problems happen, we can help. Bring coaching or client questions to our alumni group.


Business is full of ups and downs, Period Coaching is a taboo business. Having a circle of sisters to collaborate with, love you up, and raise your visibility makes all the difference. We got your back sister!

Join Today

Join for a month or the year. No matter what you choose you’ll lock in that price for as long as your membership is active.

Only $350 for a full YEAR


$30 a month.

Achieve your goals

From no business to bustling business this is for you.

Having a business is tough.

You have goals, but how to achieve them?

What happens when life throws a curve ball (hello, 2020)?

What if you know you need to make a change but can’t figure out what it is?

What if you’ve got a blind spot?

That’s what the Alumni Community is for. There’s just no way to do this work alone.

Goals take time. We overestimate what we can get done in the short run and underestimate what we can get done in the long run.

So we get defeated quickly and think we’ll never get to our goals. This is why so many businesses fail.

Results take time and support. 


Together we WIN!

Every one of us deserves

Flow. The power and ease we have access to should not be denied. Embrace FLOW. Embrace FREEDOM!

This school is a community. We support each other, witness each other, and work together!

Our blood is gold, as Lara Owen said in 1993. Let’s use our cycles to create meaningful success, and economical power.