So you’ve gone organic, you’re feeding your body amazing foods, now it’s time to start detoxing your house and saving money.

As you’re quality of food goes up you’re going to want to find place to save money and that’s how you clean. I’ll get to everything eventually but let’s start with the easy stuff. All purpose cleanser/degreaser.

Vinegar is a natural disinfectent. In fact when I was a bartender and I had to take the health classes I had a teacher that said to follow all the rules but to clean with vinegar, your restaurant will never have a food poisioning incident. Removes mold and calcium build-up. I spray some on my wood cutting boards as well.

Those oranges and clementines that are in season now? Toss the peels in a bottle of white vinegar. Done. Clean off the stove tops, degrease your oven and pans. Leave an amazing sent behind. You are a winner!

You can use but it will be stronger in two weeks. Strain into a spray bottle with water about 2 (water) to 1 (vinegar) ratio.