I recently have been asked by a few people about different programs. I want to give you all a heads up on what I’ve been putting together. Email me with which one you’d like and we’ll work out the details!

Imagine your friends all come over for a dinner party only to find out you’ve hired a health coach to make you an awesome meal that’s nourishing as well as tasty. Well won’t that make you not only the hottest, but the smartest, of your group 😉

1. Dinner at your place
Let me know how many, what dietary restrictions if any you have, and how many courses you want and I will be thrilled to come over and cook your dinner party!

Starting at $200 plus groceries.

2. Taste testing
Have some picky eaters at your place? Want to add some healthy foods to your rotation but just don’t know where to start? Let me help. We will have a conversation with you and if you’d like the picky eaters. We’ll talk all about likes and dislikes, then two weeks later I’ll be back with a taste testing arsenal! We’ll sample, create and what you like stays! You get the recipes and any help you need to master the winners!

Just think, with help from me you can save money on all those tossed out groceries, headaches from all the whining, and time not having to research and experiment!

Starting at $400 plus groceries. Includes 2 meetings, shopping time, my at home cooking time, recipes and any cooking support you need to make sure these dishes are winners!

3. Sunday Workshop
This is a half day affair for you and your friends! Starting your workshop off, you have your choice of classes – yoga, relaxations, tai chi, martial arts, self defense, kick boxing, and many more! Then move to lunch, I’ll make you a killer spread – munchies and an entree, then we kick back with our plates and talk food. Taking some of the mystery out of what zaps your energy and keeps you from kicking ass on a daily basis!

How awesome would it be to have a private event at your place! You get all this delivered and presented by my team in the comfort of your own home! Don’t forget if you live in an apt or condo many of them have rec centers or rooms you can sign out for a day. My team has done one of these with a pool table in the room – “Warrior One facing the pool table” was one of the best sentences I’ve ever heard in a yoga class!

 Starts at $400. Get 8 friends together and at $50 bucks a pop, you’ve gotten a killer fitness class ($20 at most places) dinner, and some priceless foodie enlightenment!!!