The power of women is being felt around the world.

Now is not the time to stop, to give in, to turn complacent.

We will not see true equality in our lifetime. That’s just a fact. It’s not meant to discourage you tho.

It’s meant to remind you that we are in a marathon, not a sprint.

It will get worse before it get’s better in our lifetime as well.

Which is why simple things like #NeverthelessShePersisted and #BlackLivesMatter are so important.

They are rallying calls, wind for our sails. Yes they are hashtags for social media. But they are so much more.

They are inspiration and ideas. They are calls to action, calls to create.

Women are creators and destroyers. We create art and movements. We destroy limitations and inequality.

We are one with the seasons. We bleed each month, and have the opportunity to set everything holding us back on fire. We have the strength of all the seasons in us each month. We embody each and every goddess worldwide.

We sacrifice knowing what it means, we push beyond what men can’t even dream of.

From the force feeding of Suffragettes to the women who started Black Lives Matter it’s not an easy road. But we can all support in our own ways.

We must support.

I wanted to write about how we women need to stop chasing man children. I was dreaming last night.

In my dream men, real men, courted women, real women, by showing them the God they can be – supporting the Goddess they know is in you.

In my dream I saw women stopping. Just stopping. No longer pushing, desperate, begging, crying, pursuing, they were sitting back on cushions of gold and ruby, gowned and glowing. Simply BEING the goddess, the divine feminine. Allowing men come to them and prove they are worthy. No longer feeling the need to fight over, or be the mother for.

Have a relationship of quality and equality. -click to tweet

Get comfortable with being a lone wolf, belly up in the moonlight.

Be ok with cackling in the sunlight with our friends.

Know that we are never alone in our fight, the more we demand respect the more respect we will get.

Instead of spending our time chasing boys, trying to teach them how to be men, we would be better spent changing the world.

It was an amazing dream. One that I woke up to inspired, only to see Elizabeth Warren being silenced. By a small minded manchild.

So my dream went from a message of stop settling for less than you deserve to…

We have VITAL work to do.

Stop wasting our energy and our time. Distracted by less than. If a man wants to step up, that’s great we need all the allies and support we can get. But no more loss of our precious time and energy.

When you have a partner that can’t/won’t understand your actions – Marching, letter writing, calling, donations, painting, drawing, whatever you are doing – then you grow stagnant. Your creative waters become polluted, your light grows dim, until you are a ghost of the QUEEN you once were.

It’s time to act selfishly. By selfishly I mean fight for our rights, and our daughters, and our granddaughters, and so on and on and on.

It’s time to invest in YOURSELF. Take time to pamper yourself, to grow spiritually, to eat well, to love the temple that is your body NO MATTER the shape, size, strength, weakness, color, gender, sexuality, or lack thereof.


If you don’t know how to be the goddess that you are it’s time to learn. Read, talk with your sisters, join groups, CONNECT.

Where are you putting your time and energy? Where is your love going? Are you loving the women on this planet fighting for you, are you loving yourself? Because if you aren’t that’s the only place to start.

It’s 2017…