Check out a guest article I wrote for Totally Thriving Magazine! Shannon Bush, the creator, is an amazing lady.

Enjoy the article and stay tuned I was interviewed by her for her podcast, which is coming out in less than a month!

This magazine is *Free* so grab your copy at








Episode-25-Stasha-Washburn-Support-is-Sexy-Promo-ImageDuring this conversation we were both so hot sweat was rolling down! We stopped recording and went straight for towels lol! It was such a good conversation, you’ll love Elayne she’s SUCH a great energy! Check her and her podcast for sure: Support Is Sexy








Consciously SpeakingNot only did we chat about how awesome Periods can be but also Tai Chi! Check it out here: Consciously Speaking

Michael Neeley has a large following for this amazing podcast. You’d do well to check out a few of them!




Love is a verb podcast

We talked love, care, and REALITY. This was an amazing interview and she really had great questions!

I know you’ll enjoy it:






This podcast was so fun because it’s short and a totally different subject matter. Just a little about my month living in Egypt on the Red Sea in a hut…








Interview with Pedram Shojai Creator or on the topic of how to use our period power all month long. Watch Now

Pedram Shoji Stasha Washburn




It was so great to speak with Veronica all about how to really Treat Yo Self! Self-care, taking yourself out on awesome dates… WHILE supporting your beautiful flow!