I had the absolute pleasure of staying with a fellow witch in the jungle of Mullumbimby this week. It rained almost the entire time, which wasn’t a bad thing! Three black cats, spent the night with me, which really just confirmed my witchy ways LOL.

It was quite the drama I walked into, a husband with a broken foot, a kitchen that had been gutted for a remodel, a child that just started homeschooling that week, a whole week of rain, a dishwasher that exploded, a camp stove for cooking… it was CRAZY. I’m glad I was there to help. I’m also glad I’m moving on to (hopefully) calmer pastures!


I wrote more of my book, The Revolution Will Be Bloody.

And I got 10 great ideas for freebies for you all…

I talked with the hottie every day. We went thru his website to update it, and he spent an hour talking thru my freebies with me. Each day we talk not just business, but fears, dreams, hopes, non negotiables, things we’ll need help with, and legit shit. Like having a state of the union each quarter. How we hear things. What we need to hear to feel confident, and the traumas we’ve been thru. He’s talked me through the fears I had that were getting me stuck with my writing. I showed him how to cut cords and hold space for creating the future he wants.

And of course adding to our fun times list, and our sexy times list! Our shared values, our shared goals, music we love and dance we are moved by. He’s sent me more music and dance that’s blown my mind than I’ve seen since I quit dancing. It’s so inspirational.

I had pretty much all 20 of my client calls in 3 days.

I picked a place to rent in Bali, and got my flights from Melbourne to Perth, and Perth to Adelaide.


Things are moving FORWARD!