1 cup Hemp Seeds
2 cups good water (if from tap boil it and let it cool)
4 cups good water
1 TBS Raw Organic Honey or Stevia

Soak the hemp seed in the 2 cups of water for around 3 hours. This can be longer like over night but a minimum of 2. 
Drain and rinse seeds.
Blend seed with 4 cups good water. For thicker cream like hemp milk use 2 cups of water. 4 cups is going to give you something similar to a ‘normal’ milk consistency. I like to use 2 cups and make cream, then if I need milk all I have to do is add a little water.
I don’t add sweetener to mine, again if I want something sweet I add it, then if I want to make a savory cream sauce I don’t have to make another batch. But hemp is very earthy and if you’re going to be drinking this straight I recommend you add some nutrient rich raw organic honey!