Iodine is a lengthy topic and I could go for days. I’m going to cherry pick bits and pieces here so as not to overwhelm you or me!

Some iodine facts:
Critical for thyroid function
Is used by the breast tissue
Is part of how the lymphatic tissue is drained
Is directly related to estrogen

How is that you ask?

Remember last week when I showed you how overloaded with estrogen we are? Well it turns out that estrogen inhibits the absorption of iodine. This is why women are commonly diagnosed with thyroid disease and it’s less common in men.

However the rise in thyroid disorders in men is most likely a result of the crazy amount of outside sources of estrogen in our world.

So if you want to help your iodine levels you must reduce your estrogen levels men and women a like.

So what’s with the lymphatic system and breast tissue?

Remember how we learned that breast cancer isn’t just one gene and you have it or you don’t but a whole bunch of genes that everyone has?

Iodine has been determined to actually alter breast cancer associated gene expressions. It turns off cancer promoting genes and turns on genes that promote cancer cell apoptosis or cellular destruction. (


This part is INCREDIBLY complicated. I watched this video of Sherry Tenpenny speaking and I’m going to tell you straight up, it is long, it is dull, it is full of INCREDIBLE information from decades ago that Dr.s today don’t know.

*Start Rant*
Why? There’s no way to patent iodine, it doesn’t make anyone in the “medical industry” money. Pharmaceuticals will lose money if women stop getting breast cancer, and the leading breast cancer pharmaceutical company has stock in GE, the maker of the mammogram machines. All of which are funded by the gov’t who in turn take money individually from the medical industry and pharmaceutical industry. So yeah, that’s why. Big olde fashioned man on man circle jerk. Sorry if that’s offensive to you, but that last sentence shouldn’t be the offensive part in that paragraph.
*End Rant*

I’m going to make it overly simple. Iodine is used by the body to sweep out the lymphatic system. So think of the lymphatic system as a subway map. The breast tissue is the town, the lymph nodes are stops on the train, the ‘tunnels’ are the lymph

Iodine plays a key role in keeping the tunnels clean so the trains can flow freely.

During my Thermography and Ultrasound scans, one of the things they look for is blockages in the lymphatic system. That’s how interrelated to breast cancer the lymphatic system is.

Also breast cancer is often found in the lymph nodes by the armpit first. I’ve never known a women with breast cancer that didn’t have to have a lymphectomy.


Iodine Deficit

Aside from estrogen basically robbing your iodine stores why are we iodine deficient?

There are no “everyday” foods in our diet: SAD (Standard American Diet)

In fact the iodine laced table salt most Americans eat doesn’t even do it. Considering the crazy amounts of sodium Americans ingest you’d think that would be more than enough!

On top of that iodine requires “helper” nutrients. Selenium being the key one. When was the last time you saw something in the supermarket touting it’s selenium content? Exactly.

If you’re not getting selenium, any iodine you are getting isn’t being used.

One way to see if you’re iodine deficient is to paint iodine on your inner arm. Somewhere the skin is thin. If it absorbs and is pretty much gone in 24 hrs you’re deficient. If it’s still nice and dark then you may be in the clear! This isn’t the most scientific test. However the only way to really test for iodine is thru your Dr. She/he will does you with a large amount of iodine then you’ll collect all of your pee for 24 hrs. The lab will see how much is absorbed and then you’ll have your results.

How do you add iodine and selenium?

Iodine Boosting

I have a few suggestions. None of them involve an iodine supplement. Turns out there is a HUGE debate about how much the average person needs, and I mean huge.

So the best, and safest, way to do this is:

1. Seaweed and Brazil Nuts

Start your day off with a couple Brazil Nuts while you wait for your tea to brew. 2 will do it.

Make a pot of seaweed broth, good and strong. Pop it in the fridge. Just like your bone broth drink a cup (I do a large mug of half seaweed broth and half bone broth with a dash of salt or miso. Delish!) or add it when you’re cooking!

I suggest Brazil nuts because Selenium should be taken before the iodine. I don’t want you to think oh well I forgot to eat my brazil nuts this morning so I’m skipping the whole deal. Do it anyway. Just do better tomorrow! There are other foods that contain selenium, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, sunflower seeds. There are also meat sources, but odds are if you’re a meat eater you’re getting more than enough meat, but not enough fiber. Go with the nuts and seeds! Remember last weeks post about fiber?!?!?!

2. Purchase Kelp tablets.

You have to start low and for a long time. You don’t want to up your levels to quick, it can trigger a huge uproar in your immune system. Like detoxing suddenly, your body just freaks. Start with 325 mcg of iodine per tablet.

Then if you’re not into Brazil Nuts take 200 mcg of selenium per day. Same deal tho, selenium first, kelp later. Again I really recommend going with whole foods first! You can have a negative reaction to supplements especially if you have any autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s.

Now go grab a cup of bone broth and toss some seaweed in there!