It’s a good time of year to tell stories. This week I’m going to tell you a little story about witches.

Often the aid to transformation in stories, witch comes from the word wit. Wit means WISE. The witch went from a woman who guided the younger through their gateways of life, to this evil, horrific, OLD, woman.

Witches once were the women who knew herbs, who helped ease pain, who knew our menstrual cycles and their mysteries. It’s been posed that women who bleed during the full moon were often the healers, wise women or witches of the community.

How did we go from the smart, sassy, healing women turning into this evil disfigured green woman?


Fear. The church turned women into witches. The Malleus Maleficarum, translated to Hammer of Witches is a book written in 1487 that ‘explains’ what a witch is and how to torture one. I put explains in quotes because they didn’t explain shit, they made shit up.

It’s a guide on how to get the most pain out of one woman, the church of course got all the land/property she and her family may have had while they were at it. Entire villages were wiped out and an estimated 9 million were murdered.

9 million murders to separate us women from our wombs. Doesn’t that fire you up to RECONNECT?!

It does me. It makes me angry, sad, disappointed, passionate, stubborn, fierce, STRONG. It makes me want to end this taboo with every fiber of my being.

This time of year I’m reminded by all we’ve lost, and how far we have to go to get it back. It’s overwhelming sure. But it can be done. Just not alone. I need your help. One by one, as we put our fear, shame, or just lack of interest aside and get CURIOUS. Get interested. Get INTO our bodies. One by one, we avenge the murders of our sisters. One by one we take back our bodies, we take back our power.

Happy Halloween Witches.