1. My parents. Two incredible people who showed me what love actually is
  2. My health. So far so good!
  3. My S.O. his laughter and support has made all the difference
  4. My clients. Everyday I get up and have client meetings my heart feels so big I can’t contain it. I love this works so much.
  5. Tea Tree Oil
  6. Good Food. I thank my mom for my palate and my dad for the journey to get to a new dish
  7. Music, it feeds my soul 
  8. Dance, it is my soul
  9. Sunshine, being a NYer I’m beyond grateful for the sunshine of SoCal
  10. The ocean. Where I turn to pour my troubles, worries and anxiety.
  11. The mountains. Where inspiration comes with every step.
  12. A bestie with a big enough roof to house this zoo
  13. The women in The Red Circle. They inspire me in such a huge way!
  14. Tai Chi, no way I’d have this business without it.
  15. The people in my Business Coaching group. A place to turn is beyond required.
  16. Turmeric Lattes
  17. The furry beasts most people call pets. Watching the dog we rescued at age 7 learn how to play brings me more joy than I can even say.
  18. Old friends
  19. New friends
  20. Farmers markets
  21. Crockpots
  22. Art 
  23. Anchovies
  24. Wine
  25. Fresh greens
  26. Warm spices
  27. Board games and puzzles
  28. Dwell, my guilty pleasure
  29. The stars. I may not get to see them that much but when I do, whew.
  30. Travelling around the world
  31. The women who have gone before me
  32. Comfy shoes
  33. Soft sheets
  34. The magic of technology