After kickin it with Marilou, she drove me back to Melbourne (thank you!!!) to my new friend Rachel’s. We had a lovely tea and then she took off for Easter weekend and I enjoyed a few days to myself. I woke up at 1:30am the first night I was there with my period.

Since I’d gotten my period, and it was a bit intense I spent the morning in the tub, when I wandered out around 5:30am I saw the full moon setting, the sun rising, and it was just so beautiful and poetic.

This was my life the whole weekend – just chilling on the couch in my torn up thinx underware and loving up my hotwater bottle.


I needed food, so I wandered out the first day to the Market which was closed for Easter, I enjoyed a beautiful stroll down the river walk, until I was tired and went back to the couch!

Leaving Rachel’s I took the train 3 hours out to Traralgon to stay in Liesel’s cabin. It was beautiful, quiet, such a little oasis! The birds at dawn were SO loud.


The wind was really whipping while I was there,

definitely slept with my hot water bottle for

the cozy factor.

Moving into my follicular phase, I got some down time to process and epiphany. 

Liesel and I took the train back into Melbourne where I met up with Lisa Entwisle and recorded a podcast with her! It will go out to my email list as soon as I get it.

I then spent the weekend in Geelong with Sarah, which was just SUCH a lovely weekend. Great conversations, and sewing teeny tiny crystals onto her wedding dress!

The view was amazing! It was a cold weekend but we snuggled with hot water bottles and blankets on the couches. We ate good food, lots of veggies and nourished ourselves with soulful conversations and rest.

We took a LONG walks all down the boardwalk and had a few incredible meals… all in all, an amazing weekend!

Sarah drove me up to Trudi’s (Thank you!) for the last two nights I was in Melbourne. I had back to back client calls the day before I left, so it was pretty much all work and eating lovely meals (I made turkey Bolognese) and Trudy took me to the airport (Thank you!)!

I flew to Perth, and have been on a road trip to Denmark with Chantelle to run a workshop (TOMORROW!)

As always, check out my IG stories for the FULL trip in real time!