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Grab your copy of this free period tracking mandala. You can use it month after month forever, no wifi required ;)

WHY should you be using this Charting Mandala?


Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Get to know your cycle ~ This mandala is a short easy meditation you can do everyday that will unlock so many Ah-Ha’s you don’t even know you’re waiting for them yet.
  2. Mood Swings ~ Knowing where you are in your cycle and when those mood swings kick in can make ALL the difference in your day. Not just for you but everyone around you too!
  3. Cravings ~ They strike when we least expect them! Or do they? Using this PDF you can know when cravings are coming so you can be prepared!
  4. Connect with the Moon ~ She influences your period, and your energy. We ladies have such a deep connection with the moon, but we rarely pay attention. Let’s connect!
  5. Intuition ~ She’s there, but it’s hard to hear her. Charting will help you connect to your intuition and trust her! You’ve always heard about “Women’s Intuition” but didn’t really feel like you could trust yours. This chart will change that!

Grab your free chart today to learn all about your own beautiful cycles simply by coloring! Just enter your name and email in the blue box and you’ll get your mandala shortly.


28 Day Version

This Mandala is for:

  • Those in Menopause
  • Teens
  • If you have a 28 day or shorter cycle

40 Day Version

This Mandala is for:

  • Those with a cycle that’s longer than 28 days
  • If you’re in PeriMenopause
  • Anyone with Irregular cycles

Enter The Red Circle is totally unique!

I’m The Period Coach, showing anyone who’ll listen, all over the world, how to use the POWER in their PERIOD!

The best thing any of us can do for our health is chart. Track and confirm ovulation. Learn what’s normal in your cycle, discover a deeper wiser connection to your body.

This is a fun way to do just that, and so much more!

If you download my freebie chart and LOVE IT, you can buy a whole book with calendars, games, 13 Mandala’s and moon energies for the whole year.

This unique charting mandala book, that will bring you so much more than just knowing when your next period is or if you ovulated.

Spiral bound, bigger mandala spanning two pages, calendars and even goal mandalas. You’ll love this monthly planner and charting book. 

This transformational mandala significantly improves lives,

will yours be next?!

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