Enter The Red Circle

This year I’m happy to announce we have 3 versions of the book!!! What the what?!?! you may ask…

Yes, this amazing charting mandala book, that has transformed women’s lives, has gotten even better this year.

Dive into the most important thing, you. Knowledge is power and there’s nothing more important than knowing your body, your cycles, your balance, your rhythm. I can’t explain it, you can only experience it.

When women finally realize their power, regain their confidence, fall in love with our bodies, we will usher in a new era. I can hear her whispering, the shift is happening.

Imagine a world where feelings of embarrassment, shame, isolation aren’t reinforced each and every month for decades. What would that feel like? 

I want to live in a world where women never know that feeling. 

In most cases it’s subtle. It’s ‘discreet packaging’. But most of us are hiding. Staying isolated, hiding pain, trying to disguise mood swings, desperate for a nap and a hot water bottle… and it chips away at the very essence of being a woman.

We become second class humans that can’t even lean on each other.

This time is over. It’s time to end the Taboo. To end the isolation. To become enthralled with our bodies and this beautiful cycle.

This year you have 3 books to choose from:

Free Gift

This is a download you can grab right now!

It's my Charting Mandala, what's that you ask?

Its a beautiful, and easy, way to track your body, period, mood, food, everything!

40 Days

This book is identical to the 28 day edition except the fan has room to track for 40 days. 

This book is good for:

  • Women with a cycle that’s longer than 28 days
  • Women in Peri-Menopause
  • Women with Irregular cycles

The book includes:

  • Charting Mandala Fan to color
  • Space to journal
  • 13 monthly calendars to Plan W Flow
  • New Moon energies and journal prompts
  • 13 Tips to help your period
  • A pull out graphic with the 4 phases and good foods to eat in each phase, perfect for posting to your fridge!
  • A self-care game you can rip out, fold, and play!

This Book is Perfect for Me!

Business Planner

Business Planner + Charting Mandala!

This is my baby. She has everything Enter The Red Circle has PLUS Your Business Your Flow dated Planner.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll have a system for the whole year. You’ll be charting right in your planner so making strategic choices each week will be so much easier.

This book includes quarterly assessments.

This book is good for:

  • Women who run their own busienssess
  • Super busy moms who who run their households
  • Women who want to connect their lives into their cycles to be in rhythm

The book includes:

  • Everything the 40 day edition of Enter The Red Circle has.


  • Quarterly review and plan space
  • Weekly planning pages for the whole year
  • Self-care and lifestyle trackers
  • Space to add your own personal needs

Yes, Rock My Business Planning!

Let’s take a look inside the books:

In all 3 books you’ve got…

The fan pages, either the 28 day or 40 day version. 

The Calendar and Goals Mandala for each month

As well as journal prompts, New Moon Energies and some pages you’ll be cutting out of the book for fun.

In Your Business Your Flow you’ll also see Quarterly Check ins.

To assess what’s going on in not just your biz but your life. To see what’s going well, where there can be improvement.

To stay in flow you’ve got to step back regularly and this is a PERFECT way to do it.

Tracking your income, making quarterly goals, these are part of being a business owner. Being a woman means you tune your whole life into flow.

There’s more but this is a sneak peek after all!




And of course you need a weekly planner. This is the space to keep track of the day to day, week by week STUFF. The to-do’s.

There’s space to plan content in this planner, so all you have to do is do your quarterly planning, pop over the content for each week and follow along!

It makes you SO MUCH MORE EFFICIENT, you’ll be kicking yourself for not starting earlier!





Ok, I don’t want to give away all my goodies, so click on the book you want and ENJOY!

28 Day Enter The Red Circle

40 Day Enter The Red Circle

Your Business Your Flow