Endometriosis Flare Checklist ✅

Hey Fellow Endo Warrior,

This checklist is here to help you through your next endometriosis flare….

Endometriosis affects at least 1 in 10 menstruators and takes an average of 8 years to be officially diagnosed (if ever).

In the meantime we are often left in the dark on what we can do to relieve our symptoms. And when we’re in the middle of a flare it’s even harder to think. 

Well – no more! I’m Stasha The Period Coach (yes that’s me in the tub during a flare) and this is my survival guide. Inside you will find a checklist of ways to prepare for and manage your endometriosis flare. 

It’s my gift, one #endowarrior to another. Want it?

Yes, send me the checklist!

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