How does this work?

During each phase you want to focus on different projects and aspects of your business. In each phase you are SUPER talented at something. So instead of forcing yourself to do say and hour of social media 5 days a week every week, why not write your posts when your verbal skills are at their peak? Now list the fun things you could do with all that extra time!

Menstrual Phase:

This is your BIG DREAMING time! Use it!
Connect with your vision, schedule dreaming time. See how you are doing your soul work, are you on track? Or are some adjustments needed? Many of us don’t take a day off, or only take a day off when we’re sick. No matter how you take days off one of them each month needs to be Period Day. If the thought is ‘that’s impossible!’ then we need to have a come to momma moment. I’m fully aware it’s not going to happen every single time, but make it an often occurrence. Even I don’t take Day 1 off every month. Do your best, and allow yourself to get better at it as you grow. Also know that as you focus on balancing your hormones this gets much easier to predict and plan for.
Most importantly this is where your magic is! Your intuition, womb wisdom, gut instinct, connection to the Universe, ability to hear god speak, connection with the goddess WHATEVER you call it, the signal is loud and clear on this day. The best part? It’s there for you whether you use it or not, you can choose to use it ~ no special tools needed.Schedule things that you can do from a place of rest, even from bed. Look at your Life Vision, how you’d like to see you life turn out. Look down the line and connect with that vision, it will shift and change as you grow and learn which is why we connect to our truest selves during this time. Don’t miss this opportunity because you’re too ‘busy’. You can always connect with me, I’ll give you permission to take the day off 😉

If you need help capturing your vision let me know!

Follicular Phase:

This part of your cycle is when your energy is rising. You have a seemingly unending amount of ‘get it done’ attitude and the belief that it’s possible. Use it! Get sh*t done! RSVP yes to everything you’re interested in. Your confidence is on the rise and you can use it right now.

Schedule fun things like group classes and a night out with the girls. This is also a key time to problem solve. You’ve got a brain that is primed to see problems in a new light with an optimistic glow. Your a genious at how to approach a situation that needs attention in a positive way. During this time plot how to get things done.


This phase could also be known as the…

Ask for what you want, you’ll get it.


Seriously. Studies of women in tipped positions show that they make more money during this phase than any other time of the month.

You are at the top of your game, this is the time to put things into action. It’s a great time to put things into words as well. It’s a good time to write, schedule social media, speak, record video, etc

Luteal Phase:

This is your self care phase. During this phase your energy begins to move inward. Rather than looking to connect to the outside world we ladies begin to crave home and alone time. Embrace it! Don’t force yourself to DO. Take a bath, go for a walk, relax.

Start scheduling more solo, indoor, self care events during the later part of this phase. Especially the few days before your period comes.

I like the think of the last few days of this phase and the first few days of my menstrual phase as kick back week.

Biggest Takeaways:

Shift your scheduling out of 5 weekdays and 2 weekend on endless repeat.
As women we are so good at seeing the big picture, yet we’re taught to look at things on such a small scale, no wonder it feels impossible. It is. To have the same level of production week in and week out is not how we ladies work!
Instead look at the month as a whole, with a high outer work phase and a quiet inner work phase. By embracing the high and working without worry of being labeled a work-a-holic, then embracing the low and not feeling guilty you can tap into your magic, get more done, spend less time working, enjoy your life AND your work!!!