F*ck it’s hot out! I don’t know about you but it’s hot and I’m ready to cool down!

Want to clean up after 4th of July and before the summer season really hits?

Feeling tired, bloated, in need of hitting the cosmic reset button?

Sign up for my juice cleanse!

I’m going to honest with you guys, I need a juice cleanse!

I was going to do a cleanse this spring, I did clean out my closet…
I was going to skip the junk at the bbq, I only had one burger…
I was going to get some serious working out done and pull my body together before bikini season, I did only have that one burger…

Let’s face it I’m feeling flabby, dull and lethargic. It’s time to get my skin glowing, my hair flowing and my body kicking! If you’ve been less than good this year, or you’ve been really good and want a treat, come juice with me!

You guys should come cleanse with us! We will create the DTLA Juice Club! 

Why would you want to join this juicing tribe? 

When you join the DTLA Juice Club you’ll receive:

  • An ebook written by me about the juices you’ll be sipping, and their health benefits
  • Info on how you can do this as a juice fast, or add them into a whole foods cleanse. 
  • An invite to join the Stasha Health Catalyst Facebook Group. It’s invite only so we can rant and celebrate!
  • The Stasha Health Catalyst Newsletter. Full of tasty recipes, life lessons, and interesting tidbits it’s a must read.
  • Fresh juices!

I’ll be getting the veggies and fruits and juicing them myself. You can come pick them up and kick back at my kitchen table! You can help the environment and save yourself a few dollars by bringing your own jars. You’ll have my support to improve your health, feel better, and get clean!

You’re going to want to join this one, I’m keeping the DTLA Juice Club small. I want to be sure that everyone gets high quality, low cost juice and as much support as they need. Each time I host another Juice Club event original members will get first dibs!


So here’s the skinny on getting skinny!

Step One: Purchase your ticket

You can choose to do 3 days, 6 days or 9 days.

If you bring your own jars sweet, if not I’ll have them here for you for $3 a jar. 

You get 6 – 16oz juices per day or if you want to bring bigger jugs that’s great too! Either way you’ll get the same amount of juice. So… even if you bring a few jars your on your way! Environment, Yay!

Be sure to include your email address, you want to receive the ebook or the address of where to pick up your juices! You can always email me

Step Two:

After your ticket is purchased you will receive info on how to get your ebook as well as where to pick up your juices. Expect this email about a week before we start the cleanse. Check it out and feel free to ask questions!

Step Three:

Come on over on Sunday. Along with your info on the ebook you’ll get the pick up address. We’ll be juicing, you can take yours to-go or even have your first one with us while we bottle up your juices! 

That’s it! Can’t wait to do this with you amazing people. We’re going to have fun with this so come with a light heart and you’ll leave with a light body!

This one is Over! Hope to see you next time!!!